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    Drift Wood

    This is a HDR shot I took in Homer Alaska on the beach. I shot it for the depth of field. The end of the branch is only about 18 inches in front of the lens. It was shot with the Tokina AT-X AF 11-16mm f/2.8. EXIF Data: D90, Tokina AT-X Pro AF 11-16mm f/2.8, ISO 400, Focal Length 16mm, f/22...
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    Which one? or None?

    To me it is a toss-up between the sepia and the full color, so I'll probably go with the majority and print it out in sepia for the competition. This one will be entered in the Cityscapes category. Helene was right on about the shot of the lady sitting behind the counter of a nick-nack booth...
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    Which one? or None?

    This is the same Hard Rock shot without the sepia.
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    Which one? or None?

    I have a North Georgia Regional Photo Club competition coming up in September. About a dozen clubs from around North Georgia will be entering photos in six categories with a limit of three per photographer. It will be a juried and judged competition. That means a jury of six people will select...
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    Organized Chaos?

    Attached is a shot of the Eagle that caused the mass flight. A juvenile Bald Eagle sitting on a ridge of the island (not in the shot) and as might be expected looking very confused. The adult birds are probably not at much risk from this youngster.
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    Organized Chaos?

    This is the second shot that placed in my photo clubs recent competition. It won honorable mention in open class out of 39 entries. This is an entirely different style of shooting from that used with the RR shot. The RR shot (posted yesterday) was a completely planned shot. This one is a shot of...
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    Contest Winner

    This photo won first place in my photo club 2011 2nd quarter competition. The theme was Transportation and it was competing against 43 three other entries. I took the shot almost two years age and it just made the two year time limit for entry. Another of my shots I recently took in Alaska was...
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    Most Important Facility

    This is a shot of a very important facility in the State of Alaska. Only in south and south east Alaska is there running water to houses or sewer lines. It just gets too cold. Permafrost dosen't allow for underground water lines or sewer lines. So the next best thing is the old fashion out...
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    Flight of the Eagle

    Attached are five shots if a Bald Eagle taking off in flight. It was late in the afternoon and I had to shoot at f/5.6, ISO 800, 1/250 at 300mm (70-300mm lens). I was banking on the VR to eliminate the camera shake, it got rid of some but not all. The bird was 70 to 100 feet away and these had...
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    Two HDR Shots of Alaska Tundra

    These are HDR shots of two different types of Alaskan Tundra. The first one is a shot of the Polychrome Valley in Denali NP. It's an altitude tundra, over 7,000 feet above sea level which is well above the tree line at 5,000 feet. Nothing grows there except small leafy plants and various types...
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    Kite Surfing

    Attached are three shots of kite surfers off the coast of the Kenai Peninsula, Homer Alaska. They were leaping anywhere from 10 to 12 feet. I came upon them as I was heading to the hotel at the end of the day. I only had about 30 minutes shooting time before they wrapped it up and came on shore.
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    Kenai Fjord Glacier Alaska, Panorama

    This is 15 shots merged into 5 HDR photos and then stitched into a panorama. This is the Kenai Fjord Glacier located on the coast of the Kenai Peninsular, Alaska. Taken off the back of a moving 125 ft. twin hull catamaran. This is a hugh file. I had to cut the pixel numbers in half and even then...
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    Three Shots of Mt. McKinley, Alaska

    The first shot of Mt. McKinley is not an HDR. It was shot from the back of a river jet boat doing about 35 mph. I only had only a matter of seconds to get a shot. Pick up the camera and shoot. This is a view that only 30% of all Alaska visitors ever see, a clear view of the top of the mountain...
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    HDR Shots At Mendenhall Glacier, Juno Alaska

    Attached are three shots taken at the Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Creek Falls, Juno Alaska. All three shots are HDR. I will be posting more shots of my recent Alaska trip as I get them processed. I have over 5,200 snaps to go through, many of which are HDR. The EXIF data follows each photo...
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    Bee & the flower

    To give you and idea of what I mean I re-cropped the shot, lightened up the bee slightly and slightly darkened the flower. I would not worry about the spider web it's not significant enough to be distracting. Working with a small jpeg dosen't give the best results. You can do more in post...
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    First shot With A Tokina 11-16mm AT-X DX

    No I haven't done any more shooting with the lens. My son bought a 30 year old house and Iv'e been re-wiring it and up dating the kitchen. That's about taken up all of my time recently. I do plan on using it extensively on our trip to Alaska in the next couple of weeks. The above picture has...
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    11-16mm Tokina Distortion Shots

    Here is a comparison enlargement of the 11mm brick wall shot. Each picture is a 107.4 times enlargement. One is an enlargement of the center of the picture and the other is an enlargement of the bottom left side. Looking very close at each one shows a very slight fall off in sharpness from the...
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    11-16mm Tokina Distortion Shots

    I recently purchased the Tokina 11-16mm, f/2.8 DX lens. I've been asked about the distortion I've experienced shooting at 11mm. To demonstrate the distortion you can expect with this lens I found a brick wall and got six shots, one each, over the zoom range. This is not a scientific test but...
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    I went down to the mission yesterday

    Both shots show a good eye for composition. The cross has very good color contrasted by the broken white plaster and red brick wall. Great texture. I would suggest a little different cropping on the cross shot. (I took the liberty of copying the shot and re-cropping to demonstrate.) That large...
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    First shot With A Tokina 11-16mm AT-X DX

    I just got an 11-16mm Tokina AT-X DX f/2.8, and this is the very first shot with it. This is taken in downtown Atlanta, Hard Rock Cafe at 10 pm. The EXIF data: D90, 11-16mm Tokina, ISO 200, f/20, Focal Length 16mm, Tripod Mounted, Shutter Speed 8.0 sec., Auto White Balance, Aperture Priority...