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  1. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge March 22-28 "Powerful"

    Well it was very powerful, back in its time. But its time was late 1980s to early 1990s. By today's standards, not so much. This is a motherboard from an original NeXT computer. Exif Data:
  2. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge March 8-14 "Vintage/Classics”

    The lamps kind of have a vintage look to them, but they're not. My wife, Seanette got those at Walmart in 2012. The radio, a Motorola 10T28M, I've been able to reliably date to about 1957 or 1958. It's a model that was built only during that time period, apparently just those two years...
  3. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge March 1-7 Animal

    On some previous occasion when “Animals” was the weekly theme, I posted a picture of a mite, the smallest critter I could find and photograph at the time with my D3200. Since then, I've acquired an adapter that lets me use my D3200 with my microscope, and I was determined to find an even...
  4. Bob Blaylock

    February Monthly Assignment: Goes Together

    These two cats don't really go together. Buddy, the ginger, thinks that they do. He likes Allie, the Siamese, and wants to be friends with her. But Allie wants nothing to do with Buddy. Whenever Buddy tries to interact with her, Allie nearly always reacts in a very hostile manner. This...
  5. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 22- 28 Panorama

    My living room. To see the EXIF data, you'll have to download and view the attached file ZSC_5373-5384_stitch.EXIF.TXT. I couldn't get them all into the body of the post without exceeding post size limits.
  6. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 8 - 14 Reflection/Reflections

    My wife, @Seanette looking through the glass patio door, at our unofficial second cat sitting on the fence outside. EXIF data…
  7. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 15 - 21 Candid Street Portraits

    So, as it stands, there is a period of one minute between the end of one challenge, and the beginning of the next one? I now have a very faint memory of the previous exchange, but think it was based on some misconception about overlapping time, and about how I spotted some pattern of start...
  8. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 15 - 21 Candid Street Portraits

    What about 15-22 February? Is it possible, @Needa that you meant to post this challenge for that week, rather than 22-28? And on a related note, shouldn't the current challenge be 08 to 15, rather than 08-14 as that title says? Aren't the begin and end dates always a Wednesday? And for...
  9. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 1 - Feb 7 Double Exposure

    That would depend on each user viewing it, what size screen with what resolution, what browser he's using, how he has the settings configured for that browser, and too many other variables. There isn't going to be one answer that will be correct for every user viewing your post.
  10. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Feb 1 - Feb 7 Double Exposure

    Double-OO Exposure—inspired by the classic gun-barrel sequence at the start of most James Bond movies… This is actually from two different cameras, only one of which is a Nikon. The other is an endoscope, which I used to take a picture from inside the bore of my rifle. It does not produce...
  11. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Jan. 25 - 31: Stopped Motion

    There was not very much motion at all in this scene to stop, but what there was, I stopped, even with a six-second exposure. Amazingly, the cat, as alert as he looked, was still enough not to blur during that exposure. Exif data…
  12. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge DEC 28 - JAN 3: "Animal Magic"

    The magic here, is in these two cats being so close together, and not fighting. Allie, the Siamese cat, has been with us for eleven years. She's been an only cat nearly all of her life, and very much prefers it that way. Buddy, the ginger cat, had been a stray around my apartment complex...
  13. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge DEC 14 - DEC 20: "Photograph of a Photograph"

    Used digiCamControl, with my camera taking a picture of the screen showing what it was seeing. A picture of itself, of itself, of itself, and so on… See also: Droste effect EXIF data…
  14. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge NOV 30 - Dec 06: “Two Textures”

    I was initially thinking of using a cat on this surface that contrasts drastically in texture with a cat, but neither of my cats was in a cooperative mood. This pair of panties was much more cooperative than my cats, and has a few different textures in itself, all of which contrast just as well...
  15. Bob Blaylock

    Post your Sunrises

    Sunrise and Sunset together, in the same picture.
  16. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge OCT 19 - OCT 25: Radio(s)

    An antique Motorola 10T28M radio, from the late 1950s. The green light just right of the dial is a “magic tuning eye” tube. The intensity and pattern of the way it lights up indicates how solidly the radio is tuned to a station.
  17. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Oct 12 - Oct 18: Panorama

    By their very nature, panoramas tend to be high-resolution, and need to be rendered in much higher than the 1K pixel resolution that this forum allows, to be properly viewed. The first instance, here, is stored on the Nikonites forum, as the rules require, and is cut down to Nikonites...
  18. Bob Blaylock

    Weekly Challenge Sep. 21 - 27: Bologna

    NOT AN ENTRY! Alas, it's not feasible for me to take my real camera to work. If it was, then this would be my entry. This cord is used to provide temporary power on construction sites. Formally known as SEOW/STW cable, it is commonly referred to as “baloney cord”. This picture was taken...