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  1. hark

    April Monthly Assignment: "April showers bring may flowers"

    It's time to start this monthly assignment. Let's see what you come up with for Any plant, flower or tree or part of with some form of precipitation on it (rain, snow, etc. faked or real).
  2. hark

    March Monthly Assignment: FOOD

    Submission time is over. Please like the images of your choice over the next 4 days.
  3. hark

    Vietnam Veterans Day 2023

    Thank you for the info. I had no idea there was a day for Vietnam Veterans. Back at the time they finished their service, they weren't treated well, and their medical issues weren't addressed well. Many Vietnam Vets don't even want to talk about their experiences or be recognized which is a...
  4. hark

    New Member

    Nice to have you here. Please feel free to share your images and jump into our conversations. :)
  5. hark


    Many times while searching online, I've been directed to one of the discussions on their forum. Other than that, it wasn't a website I visited. However, there was a lot of helpful, informative info being shared there.
  6. hark

    Vote for Weekly Challenge March 8-14 "Vintage/Classics”

    There's a little over 24 hours remaining to vote!
  7. hark

    Vote for Weekly Challenge March 8-14 "Vintage/Classics”

    Please vote for one image that best represents Vintage/Classics. Poll will remain open for 3 days. 1. @nikonbill 2. @Needa 3. @Marilynne 4. @nikonpup
  8. hark

    Weekly Challenge March 8-14 "Vintage/Classics”

    Poll coming soon. Like period is over.
  9. hark

    Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Strobe Kit

    If anyone is looking for a kit that includes a strobe with 600 watts of power, a C-stand, and a softbox, take a look at this package. It's from Adorama for $598.95. Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS R2 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit With C-Stand and EZ Lock 36" OctaBox (Bowens Mount)
  10. hark

    Memory Access Lamp remains on even when power off and card removed

    Peter posted this a while back. It seems to be more of an electrical reset rather than the type of reset Nikon offers to reset the camera's shooting menu back to default. I used this myself when the shutter button on my first D7200 stopped autofocusing (it got wet during a snowstorm). This...
  11. hark

    Character Animator

    It looks rather fascinating. ;)
  12. hark

    Character Animator

    Since I've been out of commission after having rotator cuff surgery 2 weeks ago, I've spent time putzing around. A few days before my surgery, I set up an iMac - switched from a PC so it's a new operating system for me. When installing Photoshop, I noticed something called Character Animator is...
  13. hark

    Post your latest purchases.

    Last week I purchased a 5TB WD portable hard drive for my iMac which just arrived. I'm in the process of switching from a PC and have several Windows hard drives. This one was even less last week than it is now...
  14. hark

    What to do with AF Nikkor 20mm f2.8 which has developed a haze?

    If the lens works fine and only has haze, the lens should be able to be taken apart and the lens elements cleaned. If Nikon won't do it, there are many camera repair centers worldwide that should be able to help. This is one used by Allen's Camera when I purchased a preowned Nikon 35mm body from...
  15. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    Thanks, Fred! This is very helpful to know.
  16. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    I'm still scratching my head going, What's Raw Right Away App? :unsure:
  17. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    Same here. It's only visible in camera for me.
  18. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    When you view the images on the back of the screen after taking them, a red square will show the focus point. The square will still be there even if you take a number of pics and go back through them.
  19. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    I don't have that body, but on my DSLR's, there is an option for the focus point to be illuminated during playback. If you have that option, consider turning it on. I've been surprised with my own where I put a point directly on a face only to have the dot display next to the face on the brush...
  20. hark

    Cause(s) of soft images

    When I did my AF calibration, I printed out Steve Perry's chart. The chart is in this link.