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  1. Clovishound

    Z9 Monitor Stopped Working

    I've had my Z5 for a year and I'm still running across surprises in the menus.
  2. Clovishound

    Tamron 150-600 G2 Decision Time

    Ran across this video on the top long telephoto lenses under $2000. It mentions both the Sigma 150-600 and the Nikon 200-500. Guess which one came out as the number one overall in this class?
  3. Clovishound

    Tamron 150-600 G2 Decision Time

    Another satisfied 200-500 here. It works quite well on my Z5 with the FTZ. Not quite as long as the 150-600, but it is a constant F5.6, and the price is comparable. I got mine last year on sale for about $1050. it seems to go on sale from time to time.
  4. Clovishound

    Extra Lenses

    I see from your other post that you are interested in pictures of derelict buildings. While this might not require an extreme wide angle lens, I would think you would likely need at least 28mm full frame, which would be close to the 18mm which you had with your 18-55. I would suggest you see...
  5. Clovishound

    Problem with my WiFi adaptability.

    As stated before, don't put your phone in airplane mode as this will disable your wifi. The only thing I can add is to be careful about caps with the password. If they use the same or similar password as Snapbridge, I seem to remember it is all caps and had trouble when I didn't use caps. You...
  6. Clovishound

    Extra Lenses

    I guess the first question I should have asked is why do you want to replace the 18-55? I'm not saying you shouldn't, just wondering what about it doesn't suit your needs that something else might. I have that lens with my backup camera, a D3400. It is not a bad lens for what it costs. It was...
  7. Clovishound

    Extra Lenses

    Selecting the right lens for you is very much dependent on what kind of shooting you do. If you do a lot of landscape, or work that frequently requires a wide angle, then the 55mm won't do much for you. This is exacerbated by the crop factor since it will put the wide end of this lens into the...
  8. Clovishound

    Babies, Babies, Babies

    The little ones are making an appearance at the Audubon Swamp Garden. This little guy seems to have no problem swallowing a fish provided by attentive parents.
  9. Clovishound


    I have to be careful about watching/reading new equipment reviews. I end up wanting whatever they are reviewing. $$$ In the end I usually resist. Usually!
  10. Clovishound

    Post your Birds in Flight

  11. Clovishound

    D850...I have a D500

    I've always believed that should should only buy expensive camera gear to satisfy a real need for your photography. I've not always lived up to that ideal. I upgraded from a D3400 to a Z5 last year. The major reason for me was to take advantage of the full sized sensor. That turned out, IMO...
  12. Clovishound

    Computer upgrade for LR and possibly Topaz

    I have the current LR/photoshop via per month payments. Is there even an option to actually purchase the software now? I agree that the newer masking tools are great.
  13. Clovishound

    Computer upgrade for LR and possibly Topaz

    A quick update. I had to order the RAM, and it came in Thurs. I got it installed Fri. Lightroom seems to run a little faster and smoother. I haven't had any slowdowns or crashes yet. It's still a little slow exporting files. That may be the i5 processor, or the onboard graphics, or both. I can...
  14. Clovishound

    Lens recommendations.

    I have the 24-70 F4 mounted on my full frame Z5. It is an excellent lens. It is not, however small or light. Take that into consideration. It weighs in at over a pound. You intimated that size is an issue. It will likely seem huge compared to the 16-50 you currently have.
  15. Clovishound

    Lens recommendations.

    Welcome to the forum. First off, Canon lenses are not going to be a viable option. While it's possible there is an adapter(s) to get one to mount up, it's not going to be practical IMO. Stick with either Nikon, or 3rd party manufacturers, like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina, and get one that is made...
  16. Clovishound

    The Duck Thread

    I know this is a duck picture thread, but I thought it would be interesting to show the larger area that the picture was taken. I've been taking a lot of pictures in this swamp lately. There are a lot of birds nesting there right now, so a lot of activity going on. All those dark bumps in the...
  17. Clovishound

    The Duck Thread

    Here is the small lake (actually it's an old rice field) where I shot this teal. It was on the far side of the lake behind the rookery. The mist on the water was gorgeous. The picture doesn't convey the beauty and wispy quality of the mist. In the picture it looks like just a light mist. In...
  18. Clovishound

    The Duck Thread

    Got back out to the Audubon Swamp this morning. It was cold and there was a beautiful mist hanging over the water. Later in the morning I got a chance to get close to this teal. Managed to splay out the tripod and get close to the ground for a low angle shot. Still had to crop it a decent...
  19. Clovishound

    Center-weighted metering options?

    Don't try that with transparencies, kids. If it wasn't right, straight out of the camera, there was no real fixing it. I am somewhat nostalgic about film photography, but I wouldn't go back. Heck, I recently gave my dad's beloved Rollei 3.5F to my niece, since it was just gathering dust in a...