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    Laminating prints to stop fading?

    I tend to stick to a maximum print size of A4. However even at that size the cost of archival inks puts me off printing in any quantity or experimenting. I've been reading up about laminating prints using cheaper non archival manufacturers inks and third party inks to stop the prints fading...
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    I think I've converted my wife

    I had a major clear out and trimming back a year or so ago. Sold my film cameras and some digital bits and pieces to adopt the K.I.S.S. principle. So, all I have now are two D50 bodies, a few lenses, a flash and a tripod, that's it. OK, the D50 may be old, but I really rate them, particularly...
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    Well, it's back to basics for me.

    I think I've done the right thing, it was liberating ! I've had a clear out. sold, gave, got rid of all my 120 & 35mm cameras, gear etc, including two 35mm Nikons and my processing equipment to concentrate on digital. It was a hard decision but which has left me with just two good old...
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    Hello from Wales

    Hello Everyone from Welsh Wales. I've been a 35mm and 120 film user for a number of years, my first Nikon was the little EM. However I'm now finding that I just don't seem to have the time to process and print unfortunately , so have taken the jump into the digital world. I struggle to read...