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    Different types of lens

    When should I use a telephoto lens? Can I simultaneously use a wide angle and telephoto lens together?
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    deleting pictures D40

    I am unable to delete pictures from My D40 camera. What should I do?
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    wide angle lens for d60

    Which is the best wide angle lens for Nikon D60?
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    camera not working D90

    My D90 camera is not working. Should I dispose off this camera or should I buy a new camera?
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    Screen cracked

    The screen of my D3000 is cracked. What should I do? How much would the repairing cost?
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    Manual focus vs auto focus

    What is the difference between manual focus and auto focus? When do photgraphers use manual focus?
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    Zooming defect in D40 camera

    The zooming of my D40 camera is jammed. What should I do? How can this problem be solved?
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    Shutter effect in cameras

    What is shutter effect. Does shutter effect have any impact on the quality of pictures that are shot?
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    SLR vs DSLR cameras

    What is the major point of difference in SLR and DSLR cameras other than the prices?
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    Lens for Landscape photography

    I take a lot of landscape photographes. I am trying to carve out a career for myself in landscape photography. Which Nikon lens should I use?
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    Price difference between D3 and D3S

    I live in Toronto. I was very keen to know the price difference between D3 and D3S. I have read the reviews of both the cameras but am unable to figure out what is the basic difference between the two?
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    Uploading pictures from D300s

    Nikon D300s is giving problems. I want to upload pictures and after connecting it to my Dell desktop I am facing problems. It says device not found.
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    D40 camera screen blank

    I am facing a very irksome problem. I am able to capture pictures from my D40 camera but the funny part is that I am unable to see it as the screen goes blank. What should I do?
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    Picture quality D3000

    Can you decribe the focus and picture quality of D3000 camera. What is the difference between the pictures clicked by D3000 and D5000?
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    D40 camera error

    What is card error. My d40 camera is displaying card error. What should I do?
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    D40 camera is locked

    The memory of my D40 camera is locked. How do I unlock it? I am unable to click new pictures what should I do?
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    Changing flash

    The flash of my camera is not working. After a minor accident the flash ahas stopped working. Can i install a new flash in my camera? How much will it cost me?
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    Charging D3000 for four hours

    I have charged the D3000 for four hours but yet it does not show full battery. What is the problem?
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    Camera charger for Nikon coolpix

    I was keen on buying a chrger for the coolpix Nikon camera- P90. Where should I buy it from?
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    D90- is it a good buy for an amateur photgrapher

    Is D90 an apt camera for night photography and scenic photography. I aspire to become a photographer.