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  1. Scott Murray


    Cheers mate, yeah we have had a lot going on. Will try and be more active here but real life kinda gets in the way a bit.
  2. Scott Murray


    Merry Christmas everyone, alot has transpired this year. Please stay safe over the holiday period and into 2023.
  3. Scott Murray

    We Have moved

    Cheers, spent it at work but still had a good day.
  4. Scott Murray

    We Have moved

    Thats currently in production, waiting on my subtitle assistant (wife) to assist translating the Mandarin lol.
  5. Scott Murray

    We Have moved

    Next year :) If anyone is interested and watches Youtube I am trying to start a channel. Very nervous so far, but feel free to pop in and take a gander. I hope to get some photographical elements into the videos eventually aswe..
  6. Scott Murray

    Thank you Marilynne :)

    Thank you Marilynne :)
  7. Scott Murray

    We Have moved

    And in Video Corellas - 4K by Scott Murray, on Flickr
  8. Scott Murray

    We Have moved

    So we have officially moved into our new home which we purhcased in March 2022. We have 8 Acres of trees and pasture. At the present time I have only photographed some noisey neighbours. DSC_7783-Edit-Edit by Scott Murray, on Flickr
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    Can we change it to black instead of blue the colour of this forum is not very Nikonites.
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    We are in Iceland. Here is phone pic [emoji28] Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  11. Scott Murray

    2022 into the Abyss

    Hi all, once again I will post this years images here, I will try to ensure that I am more active on the forum. Lets see what 2022 brings. Happy New Year.
  12. Scott Murray

    Portrait on 35mm Film

    I really love how this image turned out, been ages since I used a film camera, yet alone a fully manual one (including focus). Film stock 35mm Kodak Portra 160 shot with my trusty Nikon FM camera. Nikon FM - Kodak Portra 160 35mm by Scott Murray, on Flickr
  13. Scott Murray

    2021 the Odyssey of the emu

    Well bringing in a new year, I am left thinking of the past 12 months. All I can say is make the most out of every day no matter what happens, stay positive and cheerful :-)
  14. Scott Murray

    Merry Christmas

  15. Scott Murray

    Post your latest purchases.

    PENTAX 67 = Medium Format Film
  16. Scott Murray

    dreaded phone questions - making it better

    No Wifi on D810, I do connect up a Wifi transmitter via USB if I want to tether and control the camera remotely. But this is a bit bulky.
  17. Scott Murray

    First Wedding, Help needed!

    May need to change the URL.
  18. Scott Murray

    Scott's Filmstravaganza

    Well I have finally started getting my film developed. This was developed through Fitzgerald Imaging in Perth Western Australia, but I am in the process of developing on my own once I have the equipment. Here is some Ilford 200 35mm film taken with the Nikon F camera. 000085820037 by Scott...
  19. Scott Murray

    New Section Needed?

    Hi @jdeg I know you are laid up at present, but is there a chance of relocating the Film SLR section out of the DSLR section as they really do not belong in that section. It also would be good to have a similar set up to the DSLR section for Nikon Film cameras, just for starters I own a Nikon FM...
  20. Scott Murray

    Time for an upgrade?

    I have stopped using this forum as much as I used to, main reason is that I have issues uploading sometimes. @jdeg have you thought about updating this forum? Or do you have other plans?