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    Tampa Bay Comic Con

    Not my normal thing, people, but with my D610 and my 50mm F1.8G in hand I took a try at people. I think I would have liked a 35mm better, but that will not be here until Wednesday......
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    Not once, but...

    ...twice in one morning! The Circle B Bobcat! Finally. This was around 0715ish
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    Circle B with the Sigma

    A little on the warm side but still a nice day to be at the Circle B with my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary. What a difference form my 70-300mm. I had more than a few bird shots where I cut off the feet! I will have pay more attention in the future.
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    Will I regret...

    ...buying the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens? Under a $1,000 with the usb dock from Adorama.
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    Photoshop question

    So I subscribed to the creative cloud and have been messing around with Photoshop. Am I missing something as it does not save my metadata like Lightroom did.
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    Vienna, Austria

    A short two hour bus ride from Brno, Czech Republic to Vienna, Austria. How lucky for me.
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    Took some pictures...

    ...while on vacation in the Czech Republic. Chateau Lednice
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    Well, I did it...

    I went and ordered through the military exchange a D610. So that means that Nikon will have a fantastic 4th of July sale on the D750! I am really looking forward to it.
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    Fish eye lens

    Does anyone use a fish eye lens? I have been thinking about picking one up to mess around with. The Samyang/Rokinon version seem to get good reviews and are not very costly.
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    I brushed the dust off of my macro lens this afternoon and went to the back yard. I have been replacing some of my flowers with succulents, as I refer to them as "Rich" proof. Meaning that I can have them and they grow and flourish. Perfect for me. Here are a few.
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    HDD cloning

    What is the best, easiest way to clone a hard drive. My laptop drive is basically full (500gb, whs was i thinking when i bought it) and I picked a 1 tb WD to swap out. Thanks.
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    Computer question...

    Please forgive me if has been covered. Would a 4th generation i5 processor handle Lightroom and Elements? I want a new desktop but do not want to shell out the cash for the i7 processor if I do not have too. I would rather spend the difference on a hard drive or ram. Thanks.
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    Museum photography

    So I am going to the Smithsonian in two weeks. The Natural History museum actually. Does anyone have any tips or pointers for museum photography? I am sure a fast f2.8 lens would be good and I am sure I would have to use a higher than normal iso than I am used to, but other than that I am at...
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    CF vs SD

    In my D200 would it be better to use the CF card instead of the SD card in the CF adapter? Or does it not matter? Just curious.
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    A few more

    These were with my 85mm Nikon Macro lens and a 12mm extension tube. I am still looking to get the uber sharp shots that I see on here but I am overall happy with my results.
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    Reverse mount opinion

    So I was looking through my old Minolta X-700 camera bag and i had the following: a Minolta 28mm, a Soligor 80-200mm, and a Soligor 28-80mm lenses. Would any of these work well reverse mounted for macro?
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    A Frog...

    ...that frequently visits my nest box. No matter how many times I evict him he keeps coming back.
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    Sunday macro

    Tried again with the 85mm macro lens A very tiny ant on a tiny lime Once again, not the best but it is a work in progress. I sometimes wonder if I should have gotten the 90mm Tamron?
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    Another attempt at macro

    Took out my Nikon 85mm macro lens yesterday and played around for a while. Nothing special, just seeing what I can find to take a picture of.
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    Rocky Raccoon

    I had a visitor in a tree in my backyard this afternoon.