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    Odd shutter problem

    Hello all, today I experienced a strange shutter problem on the D750. None of the settings would work except the U1 setting. All the other settings would fire the shutter but not to time. i.e. 125 second and 2000 second were the same. It seemed like the mirror was locking up as the shutter...
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    Nikon 200 500 and extension tubes.

    Hello all, I am thinking of having a try with extension tubes. Has anybody tried using the 200 500 with tubes and if so with what result. Also, do the Kenko tubes work with that lens as I have read there can be problems with them and some lenses. Thanks for any advice
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    D300 Intervalometer.

    Hello all, I am looking for some help please. Our local club is having a go at night photography and I have just tried the intervalometer on my D300 for the first time. If I set it to 30 seconds I only get one shot even though I have set it for more. For test purposes I have set 10 exposures...
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    Hello, I apologise in advance if this is not the right forum but my question is not camera specific so i thought this would be a good place to ask. Yesterday when shooting some bird shots, I left my D750 on live view for a fairly long time, say 20 minutes. During this time I found the camera...
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    D750 D810 quandry

    Hello, I am trying to decide whether to upgrade from my D7100 to either a D750 or D810. I have a mix of DX and FX lenses but the DX lenses are more recent. One of my reasons for the move from the D7100 is low light noise. It seems that the D750 is the best option in this regard. What will...
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    Improvised nd filter?

    Hello, I have an idea to photograph a moving subject that is in very bright light. I want to experiment with my 8mm Samyang lens. Problem is that it is impossible to get a filter that fits. I have read that it is possible to put a gel filter between the filter and the camera body. My...
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    Laser pointer advice

    Hello. Dark nights and time to experiment. Does anybody know if it is safe to leave a laser pointer switched on for say five minutes. I want to try a Nero Trigger fired by breaking the laser beam but it takes a few minutes to arrange everything. I read that 30 seconds is long enough...
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    Minolta Flash compatibility

    Hello all, I'm on holiday at present and have not packed a flash :culpability:. I have just found an old Minolta Auto 200x flash that still powers up (even with the batteries that have been in it for at least 10 years!) Can anybody tell me if this flash will work on a D7100 if I get hold of an...
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    Superzoom lens

    Hello, this is my first post so I apologise if i am asking something stupid or something that has been covered before. I have a Sigma 18-250 Macro which I used happily on my D300. However, I am thinking about upgrading and want some opinions re whether the Nikon 18 300 (latest version) would...