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    D7000 f-- blinking

    Just HOW COME the af-p lenses can be incompatible with ANY DX Nikon??? Having in a view the fact a half of cameras from the 3..., 5... and 7... series are sold with 18-55 millimeter f:3.5-5.6 as a kit-combo...
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    @ Sandpatch No, I think yours are OK. There are some items watermarked by "photobucket". I mean, what's the purpose of uploading an, effectively, ruined photo if we want to SHARE with each other. If one wants to keep photos to himself/herself, that's OK with me. If he or she wants to sell...
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    Satellite's gone, way up to Mars...
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    Dear colleagues, please, either post the photos that do not have ugly/intrusive "watermarks" on them ("photobucket" etc.), or do not post your photos at all. I mean, isn't the aim of photographing presenting the visual beauty? What we really do not need is photos that look like yakuzas' skin...
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    Weekly Challenge Aug 3 - 9: Predominantly White

    From some unknown reason, the exif is gone after the "frame" had been added to the photo. Here's the txt file with the photo's "exported" EXIF. [Camera] Camera Manufacturer : NIKON CORPORATION Camera Model : NIKON D5100 Orientation : top-left (1) X...
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    September 2018 Theme: Home City, Town or just Where You Live

    @cwgrizz "Nice photo, but you need to add the EXIF data. Camera used and date shot is the minimum info needed. Thanks" Read more: During this summer I've made a...
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    An old house, an old automobile...
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    Post your Tree Photos !

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    Post your flower pics

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    Post your latest purchases.

    Good, (not so) old telephoto. Very sharp even at the largest apertures, very accurate and fast AF... A hundred bucks, mint condition (purchased from the guy who virtually haven't been using it).
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    Post your motorcycles.

    It ain't much of a motorcycle, but the photo might be of interest to some photographers... (Thanx for the live version of Arlo's tune, Blactop)
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    Weekly Challenge July 16-23: "Water"

    A whole lot of water:
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    Post YOUR rides

    Not exactly auto, but motive rides it is...
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    Post your church shots

    Around midnight...