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    Post your flower pics

    Z6 FTZ Nikon 70-200mm Tulips
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    Post your flower pics

    I'm not sure what it's called but I took it during my visit to Butchart Garden, Victoria BC.
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    Voting for Jun 20 - 27 Weekly Challenge: "Tool(s)"

    Congratulations to the finalist. I intended to join but with a busy schedule, I lose track of the dates. LOL. Anyway, this was supposed to be my entry, not that it matters. Might as well post it since I rarely visit. :cool: Title: This is just a "Drill" kid
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    Post your flower pics

    Sakura. Not my typical combo to take flower shots...
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    External microphone & video settings

    I have the Nikon ME-1 mic. It is a bit over your budget so I would choose something over Amazon that is within your budget. The Nikon ME-1 gives me decent stereo sound. No battery required so it is ready to go if you need to use it unlike most mics which requires some type of battery to power it up.
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    Weekly Challenge Mar 28 - Apr 4: Gold

    testing my mf lens Vader's gold
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    Let's see those Manual Focus lenses

    Took out my Zeiss 135mm f2 APO. Low use due to laziness to manual focus on my part. Some Cherry Blossoms 1. 2. 3.
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    Weekly Challenge Dec 27 - Jan 3: Liquid

    Matsumoto Castle, Japan (exif seem to be not attached). Happy New Year!
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    My Favourite D800 Images

    Few shots from Yesterday. Ryuzu Falls, City of Nikko, Japan 2.
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    Military Retirement Ceremony - Ideal Focal Length?

    Thank you for the tag. I think if you bring your camera and a fast medium range zoom lens (24-70mm f2.8) and a flash would do the job. As a photographer, you will be able to go much closer to your subject. There are plenty of retirement ceremonies on youtube, just type in navy retirement...
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    Post your flower pics

    Cherry Blossoms
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    CP+ Imaging Yokohama 2017

    I was able to attend the event last Saturday. Although there were many products to explore, my curiosity on the new Sigma lenses allowed me to cue in to get a feel for the Sigma 135mm f1.8 prime lens. Unfortunately, it won't be available until this March, so like most cameras, we were not able...
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    December 2016 ... "Bright Colors"

    Just posting... Happy New Year to all.
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    Post your macro photos here

    Just sharing some shots from today.
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    This is one of the reason why your Christmas wish and gift won't be arriving this holiday. Santa and his raindeer got a little bit tipsy...
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    Post Your Landscape Photos

    Rainbow on Thanksgiving day.