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    Can old Vivitar lenses be adapted to fit Nikon?

    Years ago, in my youth,:highly_amused: I had a Vivitar Xv 1 camera with a couple of lenses and filters etc. I really enjoyed it for a brief time before my life completely derailed and set me in another direction. Hadn't even THOUGHT of this camera in decades, but poked around yesterday and...
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    Post your Sunrises

    took this one driving home the other day.
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    Silly Photos.

    i found this little gem on my travels and just had to shoot it.
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    Post Your Landscape Photos

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    Autumn leaves

    This scene was so vibrant I was attracted to it from over 1/4 mile away as I was driving along some back country roads.
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    Pets/"Petography" Thread!

    Miss Jade, parking herself on the clock (an infraction) and daring me to do anything about it. :-) She's SO defiant!
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    Pets/"Petography" Thread!

    My "Danae" feeling happy and contented during a hike.
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    How do I disable date/time stamp on D3100

    I confess that I'm a bit embarrassed to be bringing this question to the forum but I'm burdened with the challenge of not only being a newbie to photography period, but am also hopelessly technologically "challenged" and frustrated enough to swallow my pride. It takes me HOURS to try to "paint"...
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    Newbie from Canada

    Hello All, have recently purchased a Nikon D3100 and am having a wonderful time with it. I have much to learn though, and look forward to interacting with everyone and hopefully improving my photos and techniques.