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    Adobe releases fix for D810 Camera Profile issues

    If you have latest version of LR/ACR you may have noticed the D810 RAW files didnt look too great in addition to the posterization issues. Adobe has acknowledged the issue, and stated they will include the revised camera profiles in the next LR/ACR update; but in the mean time they have released...
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    How do you effectively use Group-Area AF

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get the best from AF system of the D810, and I'm having difficulty understanding the use and application of Group Area AF. Is it for moving subjects with predictable movements toward and away from the lens? When acquiring focus of a moving subject, am I supposed to try...
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    How long is your review process for a posting?

    I started a thread in the D10 forum regarding a shutter speed issue, when my third post came around, I got a confirmation that it has to be reviewed by the moderator. How long does that usually take? Btw, I just joined yesterday.
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    D810 not honoring minimum shutter speed in commander mode

    While using the D810 in commander mode with the pop-up flash set to remote only for one SB-910, it will often times, over look my minimum shutter speed of 1/80s (from the ISO Sensitivity menu). It will default to 1/60s camera shutter speed. I'm using the Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens, in Aperture...