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    My old lens didnt realize the market place was and actual commission based area on here so just message if interested the link is above.. cheers John..
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    Tamron 18-270

    Product Name: Tamron 18-270 Price (USD): $300 Location: Stockport Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country Shipping Cost (USD): $0 Item description U.K. Buyers only really My f mount dx tamron 18-270 pzd lens will be up for sale soon as I've ordered a new...
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    Touch pens

    Hi do any of you use any of the touch pen tablets like the Intuos photo by Wacom etc? Looking at having one in my Christmas stocking lol.. is is the small one too small any other better options, any other hardware devices to look at for editing? cherrs..
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    still cant figure this out

    I'm still getting this issue when i use fill tool, it seems to be grabbing the area from too deep in the original picture, what setting do i need to change? thanks..
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    June 2017 Assignment: Floating

    This is the pic anyway but poor quality as ive had to do it with windows snipping tool. Floating clouds Entry 2 D5300 tamron 18-270
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    June 2017 Assignment: Floating

    Hi im trying to upload another pic to this thread but it says copyrighted when i click on the upload "!" ?? the image is mine and ive done nothing different than normal?
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    June 2017 Assignment: Floating

    Microlight floating about. Entry1
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    Washed out long exp shots?

    I recently had a go at some long exposure shots, I stacked my nod filters up to about nd20 (2x nd8 and 1 nd4) I lowered the appeture to f22 (lowest for lens) and took 3 shots with multiple exp turned on (3max for d5300) with varying shutters from 6 to 13 secs. the problem I'm having is they all...
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    photoshop fill tool?

    When is use the ps fill tool at the merge lines i often get blurs and im not sure why/what to do to correct this? All help appreciated thanks John
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    APRIL 2017 Assignment: Unique Perspective

    My unique perspective of "Her in doors" today and my reflection in the giggs taken 08/04/2017 d5300 yongnuo 50mm f1.8
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    APRIL 2017 Assignment: Unique Perspective

    Entry #1 Alfa Romeo MiTo
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    Recent pic of my neighbours cat I've just edited

    A before(after hdr merge and a little sharpening). after a desaturation just leaving the ring around the eyes in colour. after pic that has been through silverfx pro. Any processing tips?
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    Post your Birds in Flight

    Some pheasants having a rumble i spotted yesterday at my dads
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    Getting grain when bringing out the shadows?

    On complicated subjecrs like this pheasant, when trying to bring the shadows out, and detail it always looks grainyin lr, i brushed it, adding some clarity and sharpness and tried to lighten the shadows a little is there a better technique? Thanks.
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    Time to renew the homepage?

    Just as a note it also doesn't work properly on the iPad with Safari, ( all latest updates on an iPad 4 10" ). Its very messed up pics where boxes should be, boxes interfering with pictures etc..
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    Can we update the personal gallery's area

    so now ive tried tomupload then ress submit (annoyingly limited to 19 images), i get this.. each time i press proceed nothing hapens just says no image to display. once again i simply cant be bothered to do the nikonites gallery, which is a shame considering this is a photograph web forum..
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    D5300 hacks?

    is it possible to hack the d5300 to get more bracketed shots and more multiple exposure shots?, IE instead of 3 maybe get upto 10 or more? 3 shots really is a bit of a let down when the sony can do over a 100 multiple exposure shots, it would be nice to be ablr to up the d530s game a litle in...
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    recent trip to London

    These are a couple of shots in a little turkish coffee shop we called in A short long exposure to get some movement near Harrods The tube, and St Pauls from the Sky garden terrace . I appreciate any feedback anyone wants to give me, unfortunatly as with all these short one...