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    28-300mm on D750 -- Is this a dumb idea?

    That's my same reason for the 24-120, it's so much easier to carry the camera and one lens all day than the bag full of f/2.8 lenses. :) But the 24-120 seems a pretty fine lens, no complaints. Here's some 24-120 snapshots with 100% crops. This one is inside a dark cathedral in...
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    Disable D5500 built-in flash without disabling wireless trigger to external flash?

    There is no need to do anything to disable the internal flash. In A,S,P, or M modes, the internal flash is already disabled if the flash door is shut. In A,S,P,M, it will not pop open and flash like it does in Auto mode (or does in the scene modes, which are also Auto). The internal flash is...
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    High ISO does not seem to be working anymore

    This is not multicolor, but be sure you turn VR off for such work. It's not appropriate anyway, and VR at long exposure at high ISO can capture a red artifact.
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    Microsoft reports your computer is infected

    Daughter brought over her laptop today. A popup saying something like "Microsoft reports your computer is infected with a virus that is transmitting credit card and other info. Phone this 800 number for a fix." was blocking her Win10 Edge browser. She knew it was fake, but could not get...
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    You want to blur the background?

    There is a new Depth of Field page at Want to blur and hide the background? Comparing Depth of Field of Two Lenses It has a new DOF calculator, but it was not done to be general purpose. DofMaster is already a very good one. Specifically it computes Circle of Confusion at the background behind...
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    18% Gray Cards - What's the idea?

    I put up a new page about 18% gray cards at 18% Gray Cards - What's the Idea? Basics about the card, but perhaps a new approach about actually saying a few obvious facts. Hopefully of interest.
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    New question about Nikon fill flash

    I never do very well with responses to questions about flash actions. But I will try again. It seems a good thing to realize how the system works. The situation. When using TTL fill flash, we set -1 EV or -2 EV flash compensation, and it becomes point&shoot. But the camera automation (for...
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    A poll about Auto ISO action with hot shoe TTL flash

    This is like a poll. I would appreciate your doing this simple little test, and letting me know your Auto ISO result with flash for your Nikon DSLR camera model... either with response here or via PM. Just two quickie pictures, then look at ISO. I don't need to see any pictures. This can...
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    False CFL watt ratings

    I did a thing here Shutter speed does not affect flash exposure to compare using continuous lights vs. a speedlgiht. It came out OK overall. I'm not much into CFL, but using a $20 Kill-A-Watt meter, I discovered that a no-brand-name 45 watt CFL from China measured only 26 watts (and 44 VA)...
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    Firefox broken on just this site?

    My Firefox 44 has been fine, but a day or two ago, it broke here. Only on this site. Attempting to show any page on this site shows it, and shows all the ad links (seen on bottom status bar), and then probably quickly refreshes to show the last previous page instead, coming from a page on this...
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    Night photography - strange PSAM metering

    The D3300 spec chart in user manual (also about all Nikon DSLR models) specs the light meter range at 0-20 EV, specifying at ISO 100 with a f.1.4 lens. So I suppose a f/3.5 lens would be about 2.67 EV less range. P mode only has a somewhat narrow range where it works. The meter can work...
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    Google Street View has become a security threat

    Google Maps Street View is starting to drive down residential alleys recording. The alley at my house is not on line yet, but this is across the street from me: The camera is high above their car, and it sees over the fences. That's a shadow of the camera on the ground. I choose a real...
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    TTL Fill flash percent

    A calculator to compute fill flash "percentage" from TTL flash compensation is at Flash pictures are Double Exposures- Outdoors We hear manual flash users talking about using 20% or 30% fill flash. Well, TTL offers less coarse adjustment to do the same thing. -1 EV fill is 33%, and -2 EV...
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    How to determine distance of an object in a photo?

    People ask now and then, about how to determine the distance of an object in a photo. There is now a calculator to do this at Calculator to Determine Distance to Object or Subject in an Image You do have to supply several important details: The real size of the Object, the actual or...
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    Facebook is a real puzzlement

    The TV news shows, both local and the national news, really emphasizes Twitter and Facebook, as if that is all there is to internet and communication. Their own web sites and the concept of email are very largely ignored, any non-TV access is all about Twitter and Facebook. Any communication...
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    Soon I'll be Yongnuo'ing

    I went with something like that in the beginning, with foamies, but I changed my ways soon. There is much "he-man macho" content about this on the web, where More Size Is Never Enough. :) But if the direct flash overpowers the ceiling bounce, it just becomes direct flash again... a small...
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    Win10 and Nvidia GS 7600 video card

    Win10 analysis says this old GS 7600 graphics card is not compatible. However, the card works great in Win7, and the Win7 and Win10 graphics system requirements are worded exactly the same... DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver. WDDM 1.0 was back with Vista, and it has DirectX 9. I also...
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    Does Anyone Know What The Nikon is Doing? (D800 aside)

    I did wonder what "D800 aside" could mean? I decided it must be wrong thinking. :) Yes, D800 movies do have a little more control. Can adjust aperture in real time for example. You didn't say what model you were interested in? You found the control was not as expected, but the other...
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    Goodbye Duracell

    Rant... I've always imagined Duracell Coppertop AA alkalines were a quality battery, but the last couple of years, I'm seeing serious leakage problems from them. Like I never saw before. I would never consider alkaline in the speedlights, but there still are plenty, in TV and other remotes...
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    non-Nikon flashes have advantages.

    Plus the price is right too. :) I put a review of the Aperlite YH-700N flash at Review of the Aperlite YH-700N Speedlight For $90, it offers full power and features, including HSS and even a Commander Master mode (it can be a hot shoe commander). Plus remote mode too. Works nice, and HSS...