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    zoom effectin D3000 camera

    I am having problems using D3000 camera. How do I zoom in and zoom out. Which buttons do I press to get effective results?
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    best point and shoot Nikon camera

    Which is the best point and shoot Nikon camera?
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    SLR Camera

    Which is the best SLR Nikon camera?
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    best camera

    Which is the best DSLR Nikon camera?
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    D3000 camera lens

    I had procured a lens – 35mm for my D3000 camera. However, I apparently broke it. I want to buy a new set so which one should I buy.
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    Cannot switch on D50 camera

    I cannot switch on D50 camera. I changed my charger and also the battery but still unable to switch one the camera?
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    Which is better and why- D90 or D5000

    Should I buy a D5000 or a D90 camera? Which is better and why?
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    D60 camera issues

    The lens of my D60 camera is rattling as I accidently dropped it. How much would it cost to repair this damage?
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    Selling D40 camera

    I am keen on selling my D40 camera. What price should I quote as it is just 1 year old and in excellent condition.
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    super fast Nikon camera

    My brother is an amazing rugby player. Which Nikon model would you suggest me to procure that will help me take cool pictures as there is a lot of action happening on the field. The camera should click pictures super fast.
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    the difference between D60 and D5000

    What is the difference between D60 and D5000. I read the reviews of both and found the features pretty much the same.
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    Pros and cons of D3000 camera

    Disadvantages of D3000 camera? Is there a flash in the camera?
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    D40 camera charging issues

    I bought D40 camera and as per the manual charged it for two and a half hours so that the blinking goes away after the camera is fully charged. I saw that even after 4 hours the light was still blinking.
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    D90 camera lens

    I have D90 camera. I was planning to buy a pair of lens for it. Which one would you suggest?
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    Nikon Kit

    What is a Nikon kit? What items are found in it? How much does it cost?
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    removable lens

    Are the lens removable for any of the Nikon camera?
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    Difference between D90 and D5000

    What is the difference between D90 and D5000 camera other than prices.
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    Nikon camera for $150

    It is my dad’s birthday and I wanted him to gift a Nikon camera. My budget is $150. Which one should I gift him?
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    Nikon vs Canon

    Nikon D90 or Canon XSI Which One should I buy? I read the reviews for both but am unable to decide.
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    D40 clicking issues

    My D40 camera is easily switched on. But the problem arises with a black screen. I am not able to use this gadget to click pictures . Help