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    Just walking by

    Went to Mackinaw Island in MI this weekend to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Took a couple hundred pictures. Towards the end we were walking by these flowers on the side of an alley and under the street light it looked interesting. I shot this at ISO 200, 40mm, f5.6 at 20 secs on...
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    I am saving for a Nikon 70-200 VR 2.8 but until then I will use what I have. I was pleased with this photo especially considering the very poor lighting at the rodeo. They only had some portable generator lights for this local rodeo. The best thing is that this was a D90, shot at 1/125 sec with...
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    Black and White

    I like to do B&W in photos that enhance the story. I took this at a horse driving clinic a few weeks ago. vs. the color version which is OK but does not say the same thing...
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    Had the new 55-300mm Nikon out today. Found these guys at the St Louis Botanical Gardens. Sometimes you just get lucky.
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    Flash Gels

    Came across this on an internet search regarding flash gels. Rosco Roscolux Swatchbook 950SBLUX0103 B&H Photo Video Even the "Strobist" site does not have this listed. They just send you to a company that will sell you gel packs for ten times as much. This little gem allows you to buy a color...
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    Zeikos ZE-NBG90 Battery Power Grip

    I just found one of these on Craig's List. I contacted the guy and will pick it up as soon as I get back from the desert this next week. Has anyone ever used one of these? I am looking forward to the extra shutter release and the ability to use AA batteries in case I run out. Let me know what...
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    Nikon 70-200 2.8

    I flew a mission today in Iraq, yeah that one, and we had the military "Combat camera" guys with us both video and still photographers. Well the camera the guy was using was a Nikon D3. What a beautiful machine. He also had a 70-200 2.8. I told him I was interested in that lens and he got it out...
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    Extension tube math

    OK, I have been looking at getting some extension tubes for some macro work and trying to figure out the math. On Adorama they have a Kenko extension tube that states "magnification ratio for Tube 25 is about 1/2 with the 50mm standard lens". So when looking at this it would seem that the 50mm...
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    High School graduation

    I tried a search and didn't find anything on the site so posting a question. My son is graduating in May and I am looking for some good tips for nice pictures of the event. Camera settings, lenses etc. I can do some portrait stuff at home before hand just fine but at the event it could be more...
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    Moon Shots

    I have recently become interested in doing some moon photography, not going there but shooting it from here:p. I recently read about the "sunny day" rule of shooting at f16 with a shutter speed of 1/ISO ( if ISO is 200 then 1/200 ). In the past when I take a picture of the moon it seems to be...
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    Forum etiquette

    I just got off another Nikon photo site that we have had discussions about in this forum before. I was disturbed with a thread that started out by someone simply asking about a picture they took of some geese. It had turned out grainy and she wanted some help on improving the shot. She stated...
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    DX vs FX

    Have you noticed that FX lenses get the press while DX lenses, no matter the image quality, seem to be left behind in the reviews? Super-zooms are well known for their versatility but are not "king" for image quality. They may be very good but will never compete for the top IQ lens award. Now...
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    Iso 100

    I have read many threads about ISO settings. Most recommend using ISO 200 and if you want to use some of the D90's auto ISO features, have it adjust the ISO based on a minimum shutter speed and then set a maximum ISO setting. All this makes sense as the low ISO minimizes noise on the photo. Now...
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    Nikon Capture NX2

    I have been using PSE7 for my photo editing but I am thinking about getting Nikon Capture N2. I am curious about other's thoughts on the program and its comparison to PSE. Is it really worth the price since I already have PSE?
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    picture files

    Would it be possible to add "tiff" files as available picture file types to be up loaded to the gallery? They don't have the compression issues for image quality. I use tiff files from my RAW conversions as they keep the best IQ from RAW.
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    Nikon 55-300mm zoom

    Took the 55-300 to the air show today at Scott AFB. Nice IQ, a little slow to focus at times and the zoom is not as smooth as I would like. Although the latter means there is NO lens creap at all. I really like the reach of the 300!
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    What are your OTHER interests?

    As you can see I am into horses and dogs. My wife and I have his and her's dogs and horses. We trail ride with the horses and just play with our dogs. I also like flying but I do that for a living so that is not really a hobby but I still like it. To answer your question on what we have in...
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    iPhone/smart phone app

    Just wondered in this new site if there was a way to get an iPhone or smart phone app for nikonians. I know you can just call it up on the WWW but it would be nice to have a slimmed down thus faster version for the smart phones. Is that possible? Just wondered.
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    Panning technique help

    Well the higher shutter speed seemed to do the trick for me. The lighting was a little bit better today with some sun shining in the top of the barn. This is my favorite of all the pictures I took. I put the camera on "H" for shutter release and let it fly. All these were taken with the 50mm...
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    Last Letter Game

    Swallowtail Butterfly. Next letter is a "Y". Oooo, that one may be tougher LOL.