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  1. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    One more for pure fun. Obviously an impossible shot, the moon comes from an image taken in 2020.
  2. BF Hammer

    Nikonites App

    Scott, not sure if you checked this but make sure you don't have this website set to display as desktop version. Site is mobile-aware and has an easy access navigation menu that disappears to the upper-left corner to be out of the way. I am on android using Duck-Duck-Go browser which is...
  3. BF Hammer

    Nikonites App

    It's really very mobile friendly on Chrome or Chrome-based browsers. Way more so than the old forum software. What features are you missing that are there on a desktop platform?
  4. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    Some more tonight. I might be done now. This first one is a composite. I enhanced an earlier image posted here and pasted the moon and solar prominences from the 2nd photo here over it as an overlay blend. This is a single image and a lot of experimenting in the Local Contrast sliders...
  5. BF Hammer

    New Z5 firmware version 1.43

    Looks like it's all about wifi connection security. Meh.
  6. BF Hammer

    Could Someone Give me Advice on Capturing Vibrant Colors in Landscape Photography?

    It starts in the setup menu of the camera. Adobe RGB instead of sRGB. Then the Picture Controls. I like the natural tones of Standard, but many use Vivid. This part can be altered in post for past shoots. You can also download and install custom Picture Controls, or use the Picture Controls...
  7. BF Hammer

    NX Studio Cropping Issue

    When you process a Raw file, the original stays unchanged. A separate description file is created that describes the alterations. So the crop will not happen until you export the image to some other file format. I would guess that is why the size still reports as original. Edit: I reread this...
  8. BF Hammer

    Looking for small, clear display stands

    Cindy, try searching with the word "acrylic" also. You get different hits. I don't have any specific source to recommend. But I do recommend buying in bulk because the cheap acrylic stuff from China has a way of cracking and breaking when you look at it wrong. For my watch collection I have 20...
  9. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    I had technical issues during my session. I forgot to tighten down the manual adjusters on my star-tracker mount. This caused the mount to wander during the initial partial phase until I discovered the problem as I was removing the solar filter for the totality event. I had the intervalometer...
  10. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    How does this diamond ring fit? #blackstar And a string of Bailey's Beads to go with that.
  11. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    Solar protuberances on the front-end of totality. Infrared partial. This was a D600 infrared conversion with Nikkor 500mm f/8 reflex lens. I had to hand-hold because I could not tilt-up on tripod and see where I aimed. However I was so dazzled by totality that I forgot to pick up this camera...
  12. BF Hammer

    2024 Solar Eclipse photo
  13. BF Hammer

    2024 Solar Eclipse photo

    I tried to take cellphone photos through my eclipse glasses. Very blurred. I think the camera wanted to focus on the filter material. But I was just giving a live update to everyone I work with, not trying to make art there. My setup...
  14. BF Hammer

    Post your Eclipse Photos from 2024-04-08

    Before we get the forum littered with everyone's eclipse photos, how about we get a thread for them all? I have 2 to start with. However I only have begun going through my photos. I made mistakes, but I also did some stuff right. I was in Benton, Illinois for this one. Northeast of Carbondale...
  15. BF Hammer

    Flash options for event photography with Nikon Z

    SB-800 is still a good speed light today. It was the best Nikon offered 15+ years ago. I have an SB-600 and SB-400 and both work great with my Z5. I usually just bounce off a ceiling in TTL mode. As an aside, since the Z series mostly don't come with pop-up flash like DSLR bodies have, an...
  16. BF Hammer

    2024 Solar Eclipse photo

    Stay tuned as I have not gotten home yet from my eclipse road trip yet. The Z5 was clicking and weather was as fair as can be hoped for.
  17. BF Hammer

    NJ Tulip Picking

    Did you have to set your camera to Bulb mode? 😃
  18. BF Hammer

    What I am doing wrong with my D60

    That is a filter. A piece of glass that screws on the front end of a lens. The lens is a cylindrical part that screws into the D60 camera body. Please tell me you were not removing the lens and trying to use the filter directly on the camera.
  19. BF Hammer

    What I am doing wrong with my D60

    That filter will produce a very black photo unless you aim at the sun, then you get whitish circle. Do not use Auto mode on D60. Set to Manual. ISO set to 200, f/8, Shutter about 1/500s. No autofocus, it will have trouble with it that dark. You will have to try to do manual with that small...
  20. BF Hammer

    Shooting runners on a track.

    I am thinking shutter speed of 1000 or even up 2000 and auto ISO. It is a matter of distance to subject and relative speed concerning the motion blur, so no exact recipe is the answer. But if you only have 1 shot to do it right, go faster. If there are other races to practice on before your...