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    Stranger in town!

    Hi all... its been a very busy time for me for the past year and a bit and I am just about clear of all the stuff that pretty much stopped me from photography and hanging out on here. After my mother passed away I was the executor of her estate and all the rubbish that comes with that :( I...
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    All change!

    As some of you might remember, my mother passed away just after Christmas and I have spent the best part of the year trying to sell her house and sort out the "estate" Finally I have exchanged contracts on the house sale, and Monday will be the day the house is officially someone elses. Now...
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    confused about lens options....

    I am in the market for a telephoto lens, but I haven't a clue which one to buy! I recently went on holiday and it became apparent that 70mm isn't long enough for some of the shots I would take while travelling... We went to an airshow, but pretty much most of my images were unusable, despite...
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    Abstract Stuff.....your interpretation of whatever you choose.

    I saw a naked tree stump and loved the texture and patterns on it...
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    River, Lake, Streams, Seas, & Oceans

    Cliff paths are hard work to walk along... but the views can be amazing
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    post your aviation shots!

    Heavily cropped... and no way in hell would I consider doing something like this! Those wingwalkers were doing their own acrobatics while the planes were also doing their acrobatics!
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    Steam Engines

    Hi @Marilynne ... That was in Mount Dora. I think someone here at Nikonites recommended going there... it was well worth the visit :)
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    Steam Engines

    and 2 from our recent trip to Scotland. The whole idea was to travel on the "Harry Potter" train line, but a landslide cut the route to about a third of the trip... but I managed to get these images.
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    Steam Engines

    One from this years trip to Florida...
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    Which way to upgrade

    My daughter is coming to the end of her college course for photography and she has been invited onto the degree course. She is going to need some new equipment and we are currently trying to decide whether to upgrade her to full frame or whether to invest in a compact system camera like the...
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    Central Florida

    Hubby and I are headed to the Orlando area (Kissimmee) in just over 2 weeks. We will be there for 2 weeks... We're thinking of doing Sea World, and maybe up to 2 days in Disney (been a few times now so its not high on the priority list). We are looking for nice walks/parks/things to do that...
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    Secure photo sites

    As some of you may remember my mum recently passed away. She had a huge amount of old and not so old family photos. Being the eldest and into photos I inherited these photos. I intend scanning the photos and sharing with family members as they seem keen in looking at the old photos. Does...
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    West side of the USA

    Hubby has decided that next year we are going to visit the west of the USA. Flying into San Francisco (hopefully a trip to Alcatraz this time), and out of Los Angeles. We want to take in Yosemite (he's talking about staying in the park a few days), and I would like to go see some other...
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    New computer spec

    I am about to push the go button on a new computer. (Hubby found an online retailer who will build to order) This is what he has spec'd. i7 quad core CPU (4kHz) the fastest there is. Reasonable compatible mother board At least 16 meg of fast memory. A 240 gig SSD A 2 terra HDD A 2 gig...
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    Post your Fungi shots

    Finally got out with my camera to try out my Christmas present...
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    I thought I was ready

    I am really struggling to know how to write this (especially after reading Bills post ). My mum lost her battle with cancer on Sunday. She was a very strong and brave woman and continued to fight almost to the very end... and that spirit gave us one last Christmas with her, and as...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Father christmas was incredibly generous this year... I think I have the best husband ever. nice strong looking wrist strap... and the biggest surprise... Nice new glass :) I cant wait to be able to find the time to start using the camera...
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    Can you manage?

    I need to take a break. Mum was rushed into hospital last week, and we dont know whats wrong... they are doing tests but nobody seems to know whether the pain she is in is from her cancer spreading, or something else. They keep increasing her morphine, and right now to my uneducated eyes, things...