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    Thinking About the 300 PF

    @Woodyg3, I loved them so much I had 2 so my wife could shoot with one without bothering me. I held onto it and a D500 for her when I switched to Canon. Had you asked this 6 weeks ago I would have made you a heck of a deal on it. And a 1.4X TCII if you'd wanted it. How about a backup for your...
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    Nikon NY Repair Center

    You want the bird to pop and it's hard to pop against a lighter background when you have white plumage. I'd go dark for sure. It also looks like you removed some contrast from the background though you say it's "as is". When I isolated the background and darkened it alone I found that I needed...
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    Sold: Nikon F mount primes: 12mm, 15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 85mm

    re: Sold: Nikon F mount primes: 12mm, 15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 85mm @hark did you not get my replies?! I was just going to shoot you another email now as I hadn't heard back from you. I'll PM first since I know that'll work.
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    Sold: Nikon F mount primes: 12mm, 15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 85mm

    Item Name Nikon F mount primes: 12mm, 15mm, 28mm, 50mm & 85mm Price 1 Description Clearing out the F mount stuff. All of these are on Fred Miranda and linked to the posts with price, information, and photos there: Nikkor 28mm f1.8G AF-S Nano Crystal - SOLD Nikkor 50mm f1.8G AF-S - SOLD...
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    Sold: Nikon Z6ii, 24-200mm f4-6.3, FTZ adapter, 64GB Sony XQD

    Item Name Nikon Z6ii, 24-200mm f4-6.3, FTZ adapter, 64GB Sony XQD Price $2900.00 Description I posted about my jumping ship to Canon mirrorless. This is the kit I wanted to move to but alas Nikon isn't there yet for wildlife. This is effectively a complete Nikon mirrorless starter kit with...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Returning the borrow today - my R5 arrives Saturday. Going to likely need to wait a while on the 100-500mm as there are long waits everywhere, but I'm getting a 100-400mm EF mount w/ TC as a loaner from my brother, so we'll get to play. Had our resident deer family visit this morning. They are...
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    I May Jump Ship

    So one of the other lenses I got to play with is an 800mm f11 prime that retails for under $900. None of those numbers make any sense when taken together, I know, and after shooting with the 100-500mm with a 1.4x I don't know why I'd ever want the extra 100mm. But I had to play with it. It's...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Someone on another forum asked me if I was concerned about losing the wonderful backgrounds I get with the 500mm PF. I got this yesterday, unintentionally, testing the focus on the dragon/damsel fly... And once again, I'm impressed with the overall sharpness of the zoom... And I know it's...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Here's two completely unprocessed ISO 3200 images side by side from Lightroom - similar subjects, similar conditions, 20MP D500 on the right, 45MP R5 on the left. I'd say the difference is negligible. It looks like there are more details in the bird from the D500, but that's because there's more...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Yeah, there are a lot of things I'm hearing about Nikon that lead me to believe that they are in a really bad place. My brother's worried for their future while rooting for their success, because healthy competition motivates companies to innovate. I need to amend my statements about the raw...
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    I May Jump Ship

    So I picked up a loaner R5 yesterday w/ grip and 100-500mm f4.5-7.1 (plus some other goodies I haven't tried yet). It was sort of a damp, overcast day, so not ideal for shooting, but I figure if you want to see how something performs then bad light is better than good light. Shooting with a...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Oh, we're plenty landscaped, but we're backed to a 33 acre parcel of land that was supposed to be developed 25 years ago and just never got there (we're on the left side of the road going up). All the field stones that they dug up to do our foundation are piled in a wall across the back and...
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    I May Jump Ship

    Next county south - Washington, Warren County. I've seen everything in our yard except for the bobcats. If you check my Instagram I'd say that 85-90% of the wildlife shots are in my back yard. Lately it's been a pair of white-tails and their kids that have been keeping us entertained.
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    I May Jump Ship

    I've often made the argument as to why I couldn't see myself switching from Nikon to anything else, and I woke up yesterday feeling the same way. I went to sleep with a completely different mindset. Setting the stage, I shoot wildlife 90% of the time, primarily with a pair of D500s and 300mm...
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    Female Wood Duck

    Back in 2012 I would take the camera into the woods every morning (should do that again) and I saw movement high in the trees. When I pointed the lens at it I was floored. I knew they were called "Wood Ducks" but I never expected to see them 30-40' up. Which reminds me - I should really go...
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    Free Nikon Backyard Birds Webinar

    At least I have the right hat!!
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    D4s vs D500

    A lot depends on what you mean by "wildlife". If you're talking birds then you need to think about PPB - "Pixels Per Bird". When you go from cropped to full frame and you stick with the same sensor resolution you're putting fewer pixels on a bird and therefore losing potential detail. Take a...
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    eBay Maddness and a Warning

    So I stuck my old Nikon gear on eBay since it's not getting any traction and within 5 minutes I got offers for the full value of the items asking if I could ship FedEx Priority Overnight today if I received payment immediately. I look and the buyer has zero feedback. I then remember that eBay...
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    Steve Perry Hospitalized with COVID

    I know a lot of you are fans of Steve Perry's wildlife photography and videos. I was just on his forum and saw this post from Wednesday from his wife... Steve wanted me to give you an update from the hospital. He is in the ICU, and on high flow oxygen. He has had a round Remdesivir...
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    Z6 as a D500 Replacement?!

    Got to spend a little time outside yesterday after the rain stopped and just before I had to go in a couple Red Tail Hawks took flight. Thankfully they didn't soar off in the wrong direction this time. Focus grabbed fine even though I was in a mode I wouldn't have normally wanted (Wide Area L)...