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    Post your Squirrel pictures

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    Post your Train shots!

    From The Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC over Labor Day Weekend
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    Nikon 18-140 vs. 16-80

    I currently own the 16-80 and it is really a wonderful lens. I owned the Nikkor 18-140 lens as well that was a kit lens with my D7100. I didn't use it...
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    Post Your D500 Shots

    I'm feeling so gypped because I totally missed tulip season this year. Seems they bloomed early and then the weather trounced them. Plus we traveled the last week of April. It hailed when we got home and that finished them off. Picture from last year. I hate that I have to wait a whole 'nother year!
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    Vincent Versace, Nikon Ambassador- Seminar and Workshop

    My husband (and Sony diehard) decided that this would be a good thing for us to attend an evening Seminar and Saturday Workshop with Vincent Versace, Nikon Ambassador. Tickets were $99 each. Has anyone else gone to anything like this? I hope it's worth it! I couldn't talk him out of it. (I might...
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    Post your Cloudscape Photos

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    Babies, Babies, Babies

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    Weekly Challenge Dec 06 - 13: Preparation

    Lunch date with my husband today. I asked him to bring my D5500 along. I had Huevos Rancheros with shredded pork. :D
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    Post your favorite November 2017 shot

    Don't ask me why I used these settings. I am thinking ISO 64 was leftover from another shoot. 1/13th of a second? I got lucky.
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    Weekly Challenge Nov 22 - 29: Neon

    Had a great time this evening looking for local Neon. It was hard to choose a favorite!
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    Post Your Black and Whites Photos!!

    I just calibrated my HP laptop monitor using the built in settings under Display. Comparing the before and after before accepting the changes showed a significant difference. I think the highlights in this look pretty bright, but (for now) I'm liking it.
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    Post your favorite October 2017 shot

    Had a hard time picking a favorite. October was so beautiful here! It went by too quickly.
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    Post Your D500 Shots