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    What are you using to shoot video?

    Panasonic AG DVc 60
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    Cross camera pic recognition

    Just discovered something, To me quite interesting Came across a 1 GB SD card, that I new had images on it, so to find out how many I popped it into my D7000, pressed play, " File has no images" Hmmm, so I popped it into my D90 lo and behold 12 images, so just be sure I tried the D7k again, same...
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    I don't know if I am allowed to do this or not, but here goes, I have just viewed a Nikon D90 owners videos on youtube and wow I have included a link plus I sent him an invitation to join us, YouTube - West Australian Seascapes by Jonathan Stacey - Nikon D90
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    Photographers Rights In UK

    Does any one have any printed matter on this subject, I do realise countries are different, so in this case I am asking re- Canada The law and photographers - Pixalo Photography Community
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    Shooting the Moon

    This is the best I have done. D90, 1/800s,400mm, f7.1, ISo 800, Infinity, manual with cable release, Tripod, I cannot get horizon shots as my horizon is the tops of local hills, so moon is well risen, before it can even be viewed
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    I did genuinely tried to find an appropriate place for this, below is a copy and paste of an add I found in a local classified, I did not send a corrective mail to seller for fear of reprisals but it annoyed me greatly, I had to do something, this kind of thing is also a scam, pls read carefully...
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    taking pictures outdoors

    Look what My D90 and I discovered this 7 am, First 2+" of winter, March seems a long way off
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    Nikon 85mm (all variants)

    I hope I don't get heck for doing a second photo, just too show this pic was taken at the same day, time, same distance, also hurried but I wanted the sparkler as I have never had a chance before, what do Scouts say "always be prepared" Well I tried, and even got a flare, in this case I didn't...
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    Nikon 85mm (all variants)

    I know this is does not meet what ever criteria, other than being a 85 1.8 First of only three shots ever taken with this lens, I am still practicing with all of them, and I suspect I am too close, within it's closest focal length, I hate to pose people so catching unawares is my preferance
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    D7000 vs D300S

    Just a pic of my favorite, My avatar shows my Mom and I posing we had just finished a ride, she was 80+ yrs in pic
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    D7000 and sports

    As you can see this is my video camera so I really don't care about video on a still's camera, but Oh yes it is quite possibly a handy thing to have in a emergency My Panasonic AG-DVC60
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    uploading to gallery

    I have just batched loaded 10 pic's, after process was completed it said that 7 were uploaded, but when I went to My images only 1 was showing what happened to the rest help please
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    D7000 and sports

    Is there enough information out, to determine if the D7000 will be fast enough to capture sports activities
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    D300s and sports

    What is the general consensus of opinion on the D300s capturing sports, speed related question
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    D300s vs D7000

    I have been waiting patiently, whilst watching, searching forums, classifieds etc, to pick up D300s obviously used, but justifiably sellers are asking max $, so I keep on searching, in meantime It's time to broaden my search, so in to D7000, I read an article put out by retailer north of the...
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    Repairing Nikon's 80-400mm VR

    At a local lake a few weeks ago, fishing picnic type of day used my D90 and 80-400, brilliantly outreached my shoulder mount video camera, Whilst packing my stuff to my vehicle, camera and lens nicely on my shoulder when wham some one bumped into me and yes down they went, (that is one mother...
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    Looking for information on 800mm lens

    As the title suggest, I am wondering if anyone has used, seen, or has first hand knowlege of the Vivitar f8 800mm NON-mirror lens,