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    Need a XQD card reader

    After I saw that @BackdoorHippie got his reader for free, I wrote to Adorama, which i bought my D500 and XQD card from and they sent me a reader for free. Mighty nice of them!
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    The Evolution of Mirrorless Cameras

    From my perspective, I see the mirrorless battle being won not by Sony but by Fuji, Oly, and Sony....albeit, not necessarily in that order. The only thing missing from the mirrorless camp is legacy glass. But to Sony, that's not going to stunt their growth. You see, the Sony A series can use...
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    Pollen & Changing Lenses Outdoors

    It's that time of the year again. Please try to change your lenses in a clean environment, if possible. Pollen can easily get on sensors creating dust spots. Sometimes, I'll retreat to the car with windows up, and change them there. If you do get dust spots on your sensor, try this wet...
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    Sony Overtakes Nikon in Sales

    Here it is
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    Sonicbuffalo's Out on the Range Images

    Decided to open a slot for my continuing saga. Say tuned!
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your latest purchases.

    on @BackdoorHippies suggestion, I bought some bee balm to attract hummingbirds. Now to see if I have a green thumb!
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    Frequency of new DSLR cameras released

    Well....I always wanted to keep my foot in the door of Nikon, even though I've spent quite a bit on SONY glass. I decided now was the time to unload or upgrade my D7100 for a better performing model that should last me quite a long time. I like the tracking aspects of the 500, and the build...
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    Good to hear from you @Bill16. We miss your postings!
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    It would be nice to hear from @Bill16
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    Does Anyone Use Adobe Camera Raw or Adobe Bridge?

    If so, I'm having a hard time understanding why?:confused:
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    Does Anyone Use A Wacom Tablet?

    One of the photoshop videos I watched recommended buying a Wacom photo editing tablet for use with Photoshop. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Post Your D500 Shots

    @canuck257.......beautiful church shots! Well done.....did you use a tripod?