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    Z6 flash compatibility

    Cab anyone tell me if my existing Nikon SB900 Speedlight will be compatible with my soon-expected Z6??
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    Choices, choices

    I am about to come into enough money to buy myself a Nikon Z7. What do you guys think of it, and is it the best buy in today's mirrorless selection. Keep safe, keep well Jim Dickson
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    Firmware upgrade.

    I just recently upgraded ther firmware on my D7100 and since then I notice that in the menu, the usual icons don't appear for White balance;Direct sunlight, Flash, Cloudy,Shade, etc, but have been replace with a table of colour temperatures or Preset manual. Has this occurred during the firmware...
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    I have what looks like a small insect or piece of fluff inside mt D7100. I removed the lense, cleaned the sensor, mirror and gave the whole inside a good blow of air, but the thing is still there. It doesn't however, appear on any images!!! Anyone have any bright ideas, or can point out...
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    Dirty sensor

    I loaded up a memory card full of shots and found that I had dark spots on my shots, all in the same place!! Horrified, I then set about cleaning all my lenses, front and back, only to find I still had the problem. I read in a magazine that a dirty sensor could be the problem, so I bought one of...
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    Strange lights!!

    I recently took some shots in HD with my polariser filter on. I now have a few shots with really strange lights in the sky, like Aurora Borealis, but I can't seem to get rid of them in Photoshop.Any suggestions?? Jim
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    Delete or not delete (that is the question!!)

    Hi good folks!! Just returned to photography after a long period of illness, and since I recently retired, I now have more time to dedicate to my once favourite hobby!! I put some images on my desktop after "doctoring" them a bit in Photoshop Elements 13. I now have a desktop covered in shots...
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    Save for web problem

    I'm currently doing an online course after a loong absence from camera stuff, and am having a problem reducing the size of a photo I want to submit. The maximum size should be 500Kb, but I can't get one of mine below 900!! It was taken in HD. Would that make a difference??:confused::confused:
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    Hi folks, I've been gone for a while,and I can't get this website offshore. I'm back for a while now!!! I bought a slider rail for doing macro (non returnable), and discovered when it arrived that it doesn't fit the thread on my quick release plate for my tripod!!! Anyone got any bright...
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    Ghost double exposure?

    I'm still learning to usemy D7100, and have been trying to do double exposures. The shots come out ok, but in the 2nd shot , the subject looks almost transparent (ghost- like)!! I set the gain to "on" as advised in the manual, but they all come out the same way! Does anyone have any advice they...
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    Uploading from my new D7100

    After playing with my lovely new D7100, I tried to upload the pictures I had taken to my computer. The Nikon transfer software is already in my computer from my D90. The transfer page opened up, and it obviously recognised the different camera, as it said D7100, but nothing happened!! I waited...
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    Upgrading my equipment

    Please excuse my numptiness, but I cannot figure out how to update my equipment. I remember when I joined I gave a list of equipment, which has changed recently. I just need to find out how to make the changes:confused: ​Jim
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    Box wine??

    Last night my better half handed me a carrier bag and asked "Do you like box wine?" I took it from her and gave it a little shake, wondering why it wasn't making any sloshing noises. It was well wrapped up, and when I got to the last layer, I could see the tell-tale gold and black box with D7100...
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    Does size matter?

    I have tried to upload 2 phots today, and each time I ghet the message that the file is too big, so I went back and compressed them-still too big. I am at work aboard ship at the moment, and I normallt have no trouble uploading from home. What gives???:sour:
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    Kitted out for Scottish weather

    Someone gave me a raincoat for my D90 after I moaned about getting it soaked in a rainshower a couple of months ago. Have any of you guys had any exoperience with them? Jim:indecisiveness:
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    Pen versus mouse

    Have any of you guys had any experience with a pen, as opposed to a mouse for doing fine work in photoshop? I can't seem to get the required dexterity from my mouse, and I was wondering about buying a pen. Cheers Jim
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    New Software for my birthday.

    My dear lady is buying me Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 for my birthday. If you could only see how long it took me to get this far in the Nikonites website, you'd realise how much of a beginner I am.:o The question is, can anyone vouch for this, and is it any good?? Jim:confused:
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    Macroless macro

    I have a Sigma 70-300mm APO macro Super lens with an AML macro screw-on lens. This lens served me very well on my F90, and does a good job as a telezoom on my D90, but it will not focus in Macro mode (even manually) with the AML lens attached. My camera manual isn't much help, so can anyone...
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    Tagging my images

    I've been advised by this website to "tag" the images which I upload. Exactly how do I do this? Please excuse me, but I'm new to this game, and something about old dog-new tricks comes to mind!!:confused: Ciao Jim Dickson
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    Does anyone know how to get rid of flare?

    I took some great shots of the Scottish highlands recently, and the best shot of the valley leading to Torridon has a nasty flare in it. I can't crop it out as it will colpetely spil the picture, so does anyone have any suggestions of how I might get rid of this?:ambivalence: