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    D850...I have a D500

    I own a Nikon 24-120 f4, Nikon 85 f1.8, Nikon 50 f1.8, Sigma 120-600, Nikon 55-300 DX, Sigma 10-20 DX, Sigma 17-70DX.
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    D850...I have a D500

    Long time D500/Photoshop user. I never make prints. I use/share images on line. Shore birds, Whitetail Deer, mountain/beach landscapes, and of course the grand kids. What would I gain by adding a D850 before they are gone? I have FX and DX lenses.
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    Raw files not...

    Just bought a new laptop.
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    Photoshop Elements

    Having trouble installing it.
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    Raw files not...

    Been using it for years. Just always shot JPEG. Shot RAW + JPEG of the same scene to compare the other day. When I exported them to Elements only the JPEGs showed up. Elements 13
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    Raw files not...

    Photo Elements 13 would not recognize Raw files from XQD card only JPEGS. What gives?
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    Batteries for D500

    Any issues with off brand batteries for the D500? 50% cheaper.
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    Photography Workshops NC/SC Mountains/Coast

    Any recommendations on coastal/mountain workshops in the mountains of North Carolina or coastal region of North/South Carolina?
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    Squabbles at Breakfast

    Murrells Inlet South Carolina. early morning low tide. Egrets. First time out with the new D500 and new Sigma 150-600.
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    Picture wont go away

    I have an sd card in my 7100 that when I look at the pictures that I have recently taken one particular pic is the first one in the file. I downloaded it months ago but it is still there only when I scroll through the pics. It doesn't export and I cant trash it. How is it locked into place and...
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    New software question

    I just received PSE 13 and Premier Elements 13 teacher edition. Cannot figure out where the serial number is. Says it begins with 1057. No number like that.
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    Photo target for years to come

    6 month old granddaughter will be a lifelong subject.
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    Big Zoom Question Sigma/Tamron

    Sigma 50-500, 150-500, Tamron 150-600. Which one is sharpest at its longest focal length?