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    Dumb Jokes Posted Here.... if you dare.

    Copyright Credit to whoever owns the Copyright.
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    Post your snow event

    Taken with my Cell Phone because my Good DSLR is at home, I'm at work..This is part of the 8-12 inches we are supposed to get
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    Which file processor is best

    Which Photo Possessor would you recommend ? I am not really looking for one with all the bells and whistles, I just need a good one to touch-up some of my photos. Thank You
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Overkill on the packaging for sure. 62 mm UV filter..
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    Peak Design Tripod

    Has anyone taken a look at the Peak Design Tripod that is currently running over on Kickstarter ? I would like to know your thoughts and insights on this Tripod. It is too rich for my blood, but I see that 9000 + individuals have backed the project...
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Babies, Babies, Babies

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    Weekly Challenge May 15 - 21: BBQ Grill

    Old and well used next to the Old used Stump Taken 5/19/19 9:53 am EST
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    Post your flower pics

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    Post your Horse shots

    Early Morning Workout at the Track on a Sunday Morning ( The File data did not crossover. I must be doing something wrong, If you know what let me know )
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    Test Shots with D5600

    Morning Practice at the Track.
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    Test Shots with D5600

    I took a walk thru the Local Nature Center and snapped these pics. They are in Auto since I am still learning the ropes with my D5600.
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    Post your latest purchases.

    One other Purchase
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Not a Great Picture, But a pic none the less
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    Best lenses for Nikon

    Found this on F-Stoppers. I found it as good source material for lens shopping and reference.
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    Brings back fond Memories

    I opened my Mailbox today to discover the B&H catalog. It brought back the same excitement I felt when the J.C. Penny and Sears Christmas Catalog would arrive. All of the "Toys" that I want. Pages dogeared and items circled. Oh the Joy Joy..:):)
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    Flash Recommendations for Nikon D5600

    What would a good flash be for a Nikon D5600 ? I am not in the market to purchase one at this point, but I am getting recommendations for a Down the Road purchase. Thank You
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    ProMaster Tripods..

    Does anyone have any experience with using the ProMaster line of Tripods ? I am looking at these because I need an inexpensive but quality tripod. I would dearly love to buy a 200-300 tripod, but alas the budget comes into play. I was looking at the SC423k. Any comments or thoughts are...