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  1. CountryLover957

    About Me

    I live in reach of some of the most sunning countryside Imaginable this is reflected in my love of Photography instilled into me by my Late father I own a D50 and building up a collection of lenses, attachments and accessories my main interest is the countryside and derelict buildings therein I...
  2. CountryLover957

    Extra Lenses

    Broken and unrepairable
  3. CountryLover957

    Extra Lenses

    Thank much appreciated will leave it alone
  4. CountryLover957

    Extra Lenses

    At the moment I have only a 28-80 and 70-300 lens I am in the process of replacing my 18-55 question is would there be any point getting the 55-200 lens Thanks my camera is the D50
  5. CountryLover957

    D50 Image Review size

    Hi guys got a problem image review showing but not full screen how would I fix it please I have even tried factory reset It has only just started happening see attachment below Thank you