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    Busch D4S Book

    Hello Nikon Listers, Please does anyone have a copy of the Busch book on the Nikon D4s that could be available for sale. Thank You John
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    SB 700 zoom err

    Listers, I have a Nikon SB700 which displays a zoom error. I sent it to Nikon and they asked for $175 to repair. I did not repair it. Any ideas for a fix?
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    loose knob D7000

    We have a pair of D7000 and the shooting selector knob on one moves by "accident". I might be in manual and will realize that the knob is in U2. The other unit has a much firmer knob and so no issue. Does anyone know how to remove this knob and add some tension to it? Wishing good clicking...
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    200-500 nikon

    Listers, My 200-500 lens often will not focus. I will pick out a subject some 200 ft away and it will not go. Then try a subject at 20 ft and try no go. Two moments later NO issue works fine. ??? It does make a great Photo when it works>
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    modify old 135mm

    Good Morning Listers, I have an older, old?, manual focus Nikon 135mm 2.8 lens that I would like to use on both a D7000 and D700. Is there a manner of getting this lens set to work on these cameras? A conversion of some sort? The units also has a floppy built-in hood. ??? Please comments and...
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    No auto focus

    Listers, I have the current AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED lens and it will sometimes refuse to auto focus. It seems that this happens mostly when the unit is set at 300mm and I ask it to go down to say 200. This has happened at other settings. I have a group of both older...
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    SB 800 battery door

    Fellow Nikon Listers, I just purchased a Nikon SB800 and it functions very well. It came complete with all accessories including the “5th” battery unit. I simply am not able to remove the standard battery door in order to fit the “5th” unit. Help !!:unconscious: Please how does one...
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    Sigma 105 or 150 Macro

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    Sigma 105 or 150 Macro

    Listers, Does anyone have experience with either the Sigma 105mm or 150mm Marco lens? I am considering one of them for myself. Thanks Johnny
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    F bellows

    Listers, Recently I purchased a Nikon F bellows in the hope that it would fit either my Nikon 7000 or 3200. It does not fit as it fouls on the hand grip and will not mount. Please, ideas or comments?
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    old lens NOT mounting

    Listers, I recently purchased an old Nikon 135mm lens and it will not mount to my d7000. It seems that it might not be AI converted. ??? I have several other lens from the era and they all fit and work as they should. Please what should I look for? Thank You and good snapping. I am on...