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  1. GeorgeTP

    Nikkor Z 28mm 2.8

    Hello! How's the performance of the 28mm 2.8 overall? Need a lens for weddings and events thats a bit more versatile than the 35mm which i find slighty tighter especially during the dance floor. Thanks in advance!
  2. GeorgeTP

    Primes or Zoom Lenses

    Hey all! I am purchasing the Z6ii very soon and wanted to ask which lenses are ideal for wedding photography. Was thinking of getting the z 24-70 2.8 s as I'd like a bit more versatility. Or 1-2 primes at 1.8 would suffice? P.S I'm a second shooter and have shot with the 35mm 1.8 thus far
  3. GeorgeTP

    Close to buying the nikon z5

    Greetings Everyone! So, after a lot of research and reviews, I'm very close to buying the Nikon z5 as my first mirrorless camera and probably something I want to mainly use in the future. I shoot weddings, christenings, portraits and studio stills (mostly weddings) Although lots of reviews...