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    Weekly Challenge: March 25 - April 1: Euphemism

    Grass don't grow on a busy street
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    Article: Photo of the week Jan 5th: Holiday Celebrations

    You can view the page at
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    Weekly Challenge: Dec. 21 - Dec. 28: Holiday Celebrations

    Well in my family the most important thing is to spend time with all your loved ones. In this photo are 4 Nephews, 3 are great and 1 is regular.:)
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    Weekly Challenge Dec. 7 - Dec. 14: Freestyle Revisited

    "Lights on the Lake" there is more than a mile of displays .which runs threw Onondaga Lake Park, it follows the shore of the Lake. I had to walk way out on this pier to get this shot and I forgot my flash light.:confused:
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    Weekly Challenge Oct.12 - Oct 19 : Deserted History

    Deserted History A pair of "Old Cars" that by the looks of it, will never see the road go under their wheels again.:(Sad.
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    Weekly Challenge Sept. 7-14: Transition

    I went out to Tinker Falls and after I left there I made a wrong turn and found this little Pond.
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    Weekly Challenge August 24-31: Fences

    :confused: I had to get out before the storm got here because I don't know how bad it will be. here is my my shot at the fence.:rolleyes:
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    Weekly Challenge Aug 17 - Aug 24: Depth

    very hard to beat the sheep;), but here is my try for DOF:).
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    Weekly Challenge Aug 10 - Aug 17: Dawn or Dusk

    Here is my try at dusk photos, by Michael Black
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    cold looking photos with a ND #4 filter and white balance set for sun

    Again I'm getting cold or bluish looking photos when I use a ND #4 Filter. White Balance set at sun. what am I doing wring
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    Weekly Challenge Mar.30-Apr.6: Bridges

    Bridge over falls in Marcellus New York.
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    Blue Pics wtih D-90

    I have a problem when shooting in any mode except Auto,all my pics turn out very blue. this happens more so when I try to shoot in "M" mode and using Bracketing. I also check the meta data from a pic set in auto and use it as a starting point when I shoot in "M", and the pics in auto come out...
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    I'm having a difficult time with my "M" setting. When I set the shutter speed and then take a shot it changes the setting with out me doing it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.