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    Extra 2s for Twosday

    I had my camera ready at the computer:
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    Diffusion dome or index card?

    UPDATE: I used the Rogue Flash Bender 2 (small) photographing our grandson around the house and was very pleased. It seems like much more even lighting and natural colors than using the small built-in flip-up flash. I'm no pro, but I'm happy with it. Here is one my wife took:
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    Diffusion dome or index card?

    Well, I had time to do some experimenting and found the bounce flash with a 4X6 inch white index card works pretty well. The built in flash on the D7500 is pretty good, but the bounce flash made a more even spread of lighting all the way out to the edges. I did find that pointing the SB700...
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    Diffusion dome or index card?

    I just bought a used ("like new") Nikon SB-700 flash for my D-7500. When reading the manual, it mentions a Nikon diffuser dome, which was not included. We have a grandson who just turned 1, and we have only been able to visit twice because of distance and COVID. On the last trip, I used the...
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    First experiments with D7500 Built-In HDR - Comments? Suggestions?

    (Disclaimer: I am a recreational photographer, and realize my photos are not "professional grade". ) I have been experimenting with the built-in HDR in my D-7500. I'm gradually getting the hang of it, and even saved it as my U1 User Setting so I can access it quickly. Some of the shots have...
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    Travel suggestions for Northern/North-West USA - Fall 2021

    My wife and I are looking for travel suggestions. We both retired in 2019, and live in West Virginia (USA). Luckily, we were able to do our dream trip in September 2019 – a 6,500-mile loop to the southwest including 19 states, 7 national parks, and several state parks...
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    Dumb Jokes Posted Here.... if you dare.

    Some West Virginia humor. (I was born and raised in WV!)
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    Post your birds (2)

    Nothing near the quality of all the great photos on this thread, but I enjoyed watching these 3 mourning doves resting on our frozen (and almost-falling-over) bird bath by our patio this morning. Photo taken with a Nikon CoolPix L830.
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    Dumb Jokes Posted Here.... if you dare.

    You may be old if ..........
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    New Camera For Retirement - Narrowed to 5 - Seeking Advice!

    My new D7500 arrived safely today in the mail. Everything checked out. Took 2 pictures and checked shutter count, and it was 02 (thanks, @hark ). US model and warranty card. I think I'm good to go. I downloaded the PDF Owner's Manual last week, so I've been reading up on it. Lots of...
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    Model Airshow In Wagga Wagga NSW

    I know this thread is 2 years old, but hoping you are still here, @Davoxt I just ordered my new D7500 and am expecting it to arrive tomorrow. Two questions, please: 1) What focusing setup were you using to take these photos? 3D or Group, by any chance? 2) What is the unusual plane in...
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    RAVPower batteries for D7500 - comments?

    I ordered my new D7500 and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. Shopping for extra batteries, I found a RAVPower package with 2 batteries and charger for $34.99. That's cheaper than just one OEM battery...
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    D7500 a worthy upgrade from D7100?

    After months of research and head scratching (and even a little head-banging!), I ordered my new D7500 since they are on sale this week. I had a D7200 several years ago and regrettably sold it since I was busy with taking care of my parents and had no time for photography. At least I have a...
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    New Camera For Retirement - Narrowed to 5 - Seeking Advice!

    @Danno - Thank you, also! I appreciate the info on the Z line. I did read one review where the writer said he got around 800 shots on one battery, but he thought it may have been because he did a lot of bursts. Maybe the overall battery performance is better than advertised. As I was...
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    New Camera For Retirement - Narrowed to 5 - Seeking Advice!

    @bluzman - Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your experience with these. My son also mentioned the dark viewfinder on his D5500. Looking at your photo really emphasizes the size (and certainly weight) differences between the three. The mirrorless looks like the one I would prefer to...
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    New Camera For Retirement - Narrowed to 5 - Seeking Advice!

    Greetings! I am retired military and a long-time hobbyist/amateur photographer. I am in a real quandary about buying a new camera and would appreciate your advice. I do a mix of travel, landscape, and occasional action like air shows and wildlife. Except for a few family snapshots, 99% of...
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    How To Not let COVID-19 Ruin My Life Or Others

    I was doing OK until this summer when I lost a lifelong friend indirectly due to the pandemic. He was only 59 but had health problems related to diabetes. He had a rough couple of weeks and called his doctor for an appointment. The doctor was only seeing a limited number of patients face to...
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    Shutter release problems D3100

    @Needa Yes - AF/C. But, it still does it sometimes when I am in Automatic mode and the focus sets to AF/A.