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    Photo Organization

    Zero Ipad support, LR Cloud program added local storage. I’m guessing anything new they add to LRC will be ported over to LR. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it.
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    Photo Organization

    I realize that, but I’m also trying to plan ahead. It’s pretty clear Adobe is working on phasing out LRC.
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    Photo Organization

    Just a quick question. What is everyone using for photo organization? I’ve always used LRC, it’s been good, but lately I’ve been using things outside of Adobe for editing.
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    Topaz Photo AI2

    Thanks for the replies. Currently have have sharpen and denoise. I have Gigapixel, but. not purchased so it saves with watermark just to see if it was worth it for me. So if I purchase Gigapixel and have all 3 AI will be included or do you have to buy them all at once?
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    Topaz Photo AI2

    Does this basically do the same thing that denoise, sharpen and Gigapixel do all in one stop?
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    Topaz Gigapixel

    Has anyone used it? If so how are the results?
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    Function buttons tips

    What did you guys program your function buttons to do?
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    Z7 vs z6

    I’m considering jumping over to mirror less and am considering full frame. Is the 45 vs 24 mega pixel a huge jump if I really don’t do prints. I shoot mostly landscape and odd ball things. Currently I have a D7200 which primarily has a Sigma 17-502.8. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Confused, question

    I'm considering moving from my D7200 to a mirrorless, but the lense thing confuses me. Do the S lenses, for example does the 24-70 fit both the Z50 and the Z6?
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    Lense question

    Will the lenses for my D7200 fit on the Z50?
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    Another Topaz question

    I've recently started using DeNoise and Sharpen and I'm wondering if there is a way in LRC when a batch completes to flag or identify the original file so I can sort by the old extension or unique indicator so I can easily sort/delete original files?
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    Topaz Sharpen

    Hello, I took the forums advice and went with Topaz Denoise and I really like it. Now I'm looking at Sharpen, does anyone have experience with this and if so how well does it work? Thanks, Jon
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    Topaz denoise

    Who uses it and is it worth it?
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    General practices question

    Does anyone else keep a separate copy of raw images asides from their edits?
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    Any idea

    I took this using exposure stack with Arsenal photo assistant, but I have no idea how the trees made the shadows. Any idea how that happens?
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    Does anyone use a NAS for their primary storage/lightroom catalog? If so what are you using?
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    Photo organization

    I am moving from using my IPad Pro as my primary machine back to a MacBook Pro. I’m curious how everyone organizes their photos? Currently I have an external drive with basically years with sub folders. I was leaning toward using LR Classic and really keeping the main folders generic, but...
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    Cannot display file

    I took some shots with my wife today, we previewed them on the camera's view finder and all was well. I got the camera home and tried to import them to my iPad and got an error, tried to put the card back in the camera and got "Cannot display this file." Tried on my MacBook same thing. Any idea...
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    Can anyone tell me what causes these spots? They don't show up until I use "dehaze" in light room. I assume they are dust particles, but I don't know if they are on the lens or sensor.
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    USB-C to D7200

    Does anyone know if there are any usb-c to camera cables?