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    D500 pixel density

    You're quite right: it would be an 'incremental' upgrade. I like the level of detail the D7200 provides, like on the nose wheel of that B787. The D750 falls very, very slightly short of the D7200 on that, but unless you're specifically looking for that level of detail it's not noticeable. Of...
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    D500 pixel density

    I do okay...
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    D500 pixel density

    I'm sure it's been canvassed plenty of times before... the D7200 has a pixel density of 6.62 mp/sqcm. That gives the D7200 a higher pixel density than the FX format D810 (4.22 mp/sqcm) and D850 (5.32 mp/sqcm). Putting aside things like low-light, high ISO performance, the D500 at 5.68 mp/sqcm...
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    Will I benefit much by going from D750 to D810?

    My primary bodies are the D7200 for telephoto work and the D750 for 'corporate' use... but very little of my work goes to print of any kind - it pretty much all goes online. On that basis, is the 36mp of the D810 going to be of any real benefit compared to the 24mp I'm currently using?
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    The 70-300 AF-P, the D7200 and VR

    I finally had some good conditions to use the 70-300 VR. I am genuinely impressed that a lens I bought for AUD150 can produce images of this quality. There a few caveats, for sure: a lens with a widest aperture of f6.3 will need plenty of light to really perform (these are both a f8), and...
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    post your aviation shots!

    Air New Zealand Boeing 787 in 'All Black' paintwork, on approach to Perth Airport, Western Australia. D750 with 135mm f2.8 Ai manual focus lens.
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    File sizes out of LR: D750 vs D7200

    I today did a 'corporate portraits' photo shoot using the D750 with the 16-35 f4 and the D7200 with the 16-80 f2.8/4. Both were set to 14-bit raw with lossless compression. The client requested all images at full resolution and uncropped, so 6000 x 4000 from both bodies. Once I'd processed...
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    It's quite confounding. The image below is from the D7200, with matrix metering, and again straight out of Capture NX-D. The only difference is that picture control was set to 'standard'. In this case, noticeably (though not seriously) overexposed. A different time of day (and a different time...
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    I know underexposure is talked about regularly with the D750, so please bear with me... I recently got a pre-loved D750 after a few years enjoying the D7200. I photograph a lot of aircraft, and I'm fortunate to have a lot of cloudless days. Photographing jets against a strong blue sky, every...
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    Nikon 300mm f4 AF

    Does anyone have the Nikon 300mm f4? The one I'm referring is (I think) the first 300mm AF Nikon made, late 80s through to 2000, so it doesn't have AF-D or AF-s designation... just plain AF. All metal, heavy but quite thin to handle when compared to, say, the 80-200mm f2.8. Got one recently...
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    Building a primes 'wardrobe'

    I've had a D7200 for a few years and it's doing everything I need it to do, though I am considering the move to, say, a D750 in the coming 12 months. With this in mind I've started gathering a 'collection' of FX lenses that I can of course use on the D7200 in the meantime. I like the idea of...
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    Benq PD2500Q

    Does anyone on here use the Benq PD2500Q monitor? 25-inch, with 2560x1440 resolution. I'm currently using a HP 25er, also a 25-inch but with 1920x1080 resolution, so what I'm contemplating is a monitor of the same size, but with more pixels per inch (117 for the Benq vs 89 for the HP).
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    Is there a point at which noise reduction isn't helping?

    These two crops might give a better idea: The left hand one has no NR, the right hand one has the camera's (fairly slight NR) applied. Zoom out, though, and I doubt the difference would be noticeable. Fred's 100% right that noise is a subjective issue, and what’s acceptable to one person...
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    Is there a point at which noise reduction isn't helping?

    This might be almost a philosophical question, but anyway... A bright sunny day here today so I spent some time at a classic car show, got a few pics of these legendary Australian beasts. D7200, ISO100, 1/200sec at f7.1 with the the Nikon 16-80 f2.8-4. I shoot RAW and JPG ('standard'...
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    Capture NX-D users: what's your take on unsharp mask settings?

    I primarily use it as a RAW converter and 'tweaker' and often export in TIFF and use Zoner Photo Studio to add additional effects - though the JPG exports out of NX-D often 'hit the spot' for my purposes without any further adjustment required. The fact that NX-D can maintain the camera's...
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    Both are quite elegant designs!
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    Best combination for highest shooting rate

    I'm using the full image quality (14-bit lossless + JPG fine) at the moment and it's great. With the airliners, depending on my vantage point, I've got about ten seconds with each aircraft to get as many shots as I can, so I'm looking for the best way to get as many shots as I can in that ten...
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    Best combination for highest shooting rate

    I photograph airliners on approach and landing at our city's airport: everything from Dash-8 to A380. I'm trying to get the best combination of setting to enable the best 'fps' shooting rate, without compromising image quality too much. I understand shooting 'JPG-only' would enable the best...
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    My 10-24 has been in the workshop

    Gave the 10-24mm a short workout today and there's definitely an improvement. Really glad I a got a second opinion!
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    My 10-24 has been in the workshop

    After three years of the 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 G being the most frustrating lens I own, I last week finally took it in to a service place to get properly tested. One repairer two years ago charged me $60 to tell me it was fine and it just needed a clean. The repairer I took it to this time has a very...