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    Raw photo viewer

    I have the codec add on, but im looking a photo viewer as windows is so slow to load raw files
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    Raw photo viewer

    Thanks, but thats not a viewer.
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    Raw photo viewer

    Do Nikon have a Raw image viewer for Windows 11?
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    best 24 / 70 lens

    Im in the market to buy a 24 / 70mm F2.8 lens to marry with a D850, so what's the best I can buy?
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    image viewer for PC

    Im looking for an image viewer that will let me view RAW files on my PC quickly, the photos viewer built into windows is very very slow al letting me view photos.
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    Back up Drives

    my laptop has two M.2 drives, one holds the operating system the other one holds all things photography, so im trying to work out the best way to clone both drives and keep them updated to external drives, so im thinking use M.2 ssd in an enclosure in case the internal ssd fail so it would only...
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    Synology NAS

    Just bought a Synology DS220J, have it set up to raid 1, but im also looking to set it up so it backs up to an external hard drive and any changes i make to the NAS automatically changes on the hard drive and i need to be able to use the hard drive off site. so can anyone offer any help please?
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    Need some help

    When i plug in my shutter release cable the rear screen becomes active and i cannot use the viewfinder, anyone know how i can change this so i can use the viewfinder? TIA
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    Printed photos to match screen

    i use a local printers to do all my printing but how will i go about getting the printed photos to match what i see on my PC screen which is calibrated?
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    Cannot delete NEF files

    Im using a windows 10 pc but whenever i try and empty the recycle bin it wont let me delete any more that around 20 files individually, all other files are fine, anyone offer any assistance. TIA
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    Goodsync help

    Anyone here use Goodsync? Can it be used to copy the C drive onto an external hard drive?
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    Cannot delete NEF files

    Something is up with the recycle bin in windows 10, i have different items in it mostly jpegs, Nef files and old documents etc, i can remove all files apart from the Nef files, anyone offer any help please on how i can remove the NEF files please. TIA
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    Portable hard drive advise

    Need to get a 5TB portable drive with usb c connector, so which one of these two in the links is the fastest? TIA
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    New backpack

    Guys im after a new backpack mainly for landscape photography, i recently bought the Lowepro Whistler 350ii but it wasnt wide enough when i had me gear in it, so i returned it, so what bag do you guys use? TIA
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    Anyone update to 2.018

    I see there is an update for the D850 anyone update did it cause any problems?
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    Calibrate screens

    I recently bought the Spyderx elite calibration tool and would like to have all my screens the same, I have a laptop which is in the studio and a PC at home which i use all for photo editing, the laptop is usually connected to a large Dell monitor which is the same monitor i use on the home PC...
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    New bag

    Im looking a new bag, must be able to hold Nikon D850, 70/200f2.8, 16/35, 50mm prime and sigma 105macro, and Kase filters. ive looked at a few and like the look of the Manfrotto pro light 3 N 1 36. but would love to hear what you guys would recommend? TIA
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    New laptop

    Does this look ok of a custom build to run PS & LR? SCREEN/DISPLAY: 17.3'' 144Hz Full HD Matte LED Slim-bezel Screen [1920x1080, 72% NTSC Colour Gamut] (SCREEN-144HZ_MECH17) Keyboard: Customisable RGB Per-Key Backlit Mechanical Keyboard with Number Pad (KB-RGB_LAPTOPSMECH) Keyboard...
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    Filters on a budget

    Guys i have a photography buddy who is looking for a few ND filters on a budget as she is unsure if she will like landscapes, she has used mine which are Kase but her budget wouldnt stretch that far.
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    Im in the market for a new tripod mainly for landscapes, any recommenditions on quality carbon tripods please?