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    200-500mm 5.6 and Sport Mode

    Wondering, on the 200-500mm 5.6 lens, what Sport mode does? I'm shooting birds lately, so assume it would be useful. I assume it has something to do with VR, but wondering what exactly it does. Thanks.
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    D500 and AutoFocus Modes: Some Guidance

    I've not played around much with different autofocus modes on the D500, and was wondering what the differences are between 3D and Dynamic modes are. When I read about them, they seem to be about the same, but was wondering what the differences are, and advantages/disadvantages. Thanks.
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    Snapbridge and GPS Tagging

    Snapbridge was tagging Raw and JPEG with GPS (from phone). Stopped. Phone is Galaxy S9+ and GPS works fine. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    D500 Beep Red Light Won't fire

    Just tried to shoot my D500, indoors, with flash. Get a beep, with a red flashing light on front of camera. Tried upping ISO, changing f stop and shutter settings, no go. Any ideas?
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    Nikon 200-500mm and Domke F2

    Was wondering if the Domke F2 bag is large enough to accommodate the Nikon 200-500mm, a 28-70mm lens, and a D850. Thanks, Kelly