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    Weekly Challenge JAN 11 - JAN 17 Trees and/or Shrubs of your Neighborhood

    Trees at our local park 15/1/23, Nikon D7200, ISO 320, 18mm, f/7, 1/200 SEC
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    Post your church shots

    Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England
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    Disk space required

    Deleting stuff off my Mac to create more disk space on my hard drive and I have old back ups of Lightroom room is it ok to delete this or not, just not sure ?
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    Post your church shots

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    Can't post

    Not posted on here for a while, just getting back into Photography because of Lockdown, Family issues, anyhow been trying to post my fireworks pics + others, but cannot as a failed message keeps popping up. Obviously i'm doing something wrong or is it the software that i'm using which is On1 ?
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    Post your Moths & Butterflies

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    Post your sunset shots

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    Weekly Challenge - Dec 2 - 8: The Color RED

    Capture Date: December 4, 2020 at 19:50pm.
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    Post your Fungi shots

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    How about posting your HDR images?

    Ightham Mote Chapel, inside their family home
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    Post Your Bridges HERE

    Ightham Mote, which was a family home for generations, since the early 1300's was left to the National Trust in England ( which look after many old and amazing buildings ) by one remaining family member
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    Post your birds (2)

    One of Englands favourite Birds, the Robin
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    Post your favorite/best shot in 2019

    Hard to choose a favourite, but i'll go with this one.