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    Can you alter the display?

    I have recently changed from a D7100 to a D7200. The INFO screen layout is different to the D7100. Can I alter my D7200 to be like the D7100 as I am more used to that set up? Thank you Lee.
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    Just received my new D7200....................

    Q) How do (Or what do I have to do) to get a photo to instantly display? I am sure I did this on my D7100 years ago but having looked through the menu I can not see where or where abouts I need to input the setting for a photo to be instantly displayed for a few seconds???? Currently I am...
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    A soccer photo, please critique.

    This is a photo of Leeds united's Pontus Jansson (White). I like this photo as I do not have time to compose the shot for taking photographs from the stands is not allowed, photographs are only allowed by official photographers of the press. I took it in colour and converted to B&W then...
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    The deep thinker.

    This is the first time that I have posted a photo for critique. What I like about this candid B&W shot is that I was in a busy pub (Bar) in York - England and this young man was sat opposite me waiting for his food. I like how the shot came out, a young man deeply thinking with the...
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    Capture NX-D help.

    In the current issue of N Photo mag 68, the Nikon skills DVD has an extra tutorial video on how to clean a composition with the retouch brush in NX D. I am trying to follow him but fall at the first hurdle. Firstly I am told to click on the EDIT button and to look for the auto re touch brush...
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    Why the dots?

    Why do I get these two dots when taking photos of sunsets? I took them on my D7100 and put the camera in to scene mode sunset. I used a 55mm - 200mm kit lens. I took the shot from my car and had no other gear with me....should I have used a filter???? What do you think? I had cleaned my...
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    Best auto focus setting for soccer?

    I usually shoot with the 3d setting but is d21 any better? What would you recommend?
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    Factory reset problem.

    More D7100 help needed please. I followed some advice and factory reset my camera. The problem that I am getting now is that In CONT HIGH CH I can only shoot 3 photos (Where as before when shooting sport I got x6 FPS and when I look back at those three photos, only one is on my SD card????? What...
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    Post your Photographing the photographer.

    A lady photographer at a Leeds united FC football match.
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    Soccer Photography Thread

    And finally, my son playing football.
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    Soccer Photography Thread

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    Soccer Photography Thread

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    Post your Bees in Flight photos!

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    Capture NX-D file size help.

    I just tried it and it is a great help, thanks.
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    Weekly Challenge Oct 26 - Nov 02: Ducks

    Can I cheat and show a Swan that shot last week and is the only bird on my SD card?
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    What Lens is on Your D7100 Right Now?

    My standard 18-55mm lens for 90% of the time, when I do candid street photography.
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    Capture NX-D file size help.

    I shoot RAW and do my post processing in capture NX-D. I then convert the file from RAW to JPEG and the resulting image will come out at a staggering 3-4MB in size. So as the file is too big I use other software to convert it to a smaller more manageable 200-400 KB size. Is there anything I...
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    Post your Portrait shots!

    My daughter on Saturday night.
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    ND filter question.

    I have an ND4 filter if I attach that (52mm) to my lens with my ND vario 2-400 would this be equal or as good as an ND 10 filter? I want to take still water photos of the sea so do I need to purchase an ND10 filter or am I wasting my money as the two filters that I already own are ok?