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    A Request For The Judges On The Monthly Assignments

    I agree with @mikew on this one :) A comment about why the judges chose what they did would be awsome but I also understand/appreciate the fact that it is alot of work added each month.
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    Collection of free photography e-books

    Found this nifty site while browsing for reading material :) Collection Of Free Photography eBooks | FreePhotoResources - Photography Blog Should be something there for most of us, and definetly something for beginners :)
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    On the news

    Found this browsing through the news. Shot with a mobile cam, but! Lightning hits plane: (For the record: NOT MY PHOTO)
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    Post Your Landscape Photos

    A short walk from my home in Haugesund, Norway
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    Post your selective color photos here

    Here`s one I played with the other night :)
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    Post your barns and rural structures.

    Church in Røldal, Norway
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    Post Your Landscape Photos

    Røldal, Norway
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    Local snow plough :)
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    Doors, Gates and Windows

    Cabin window with Black & White Reflection :)
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    Post your sunset shots

    Ok, here you go @Jonathan :) It`s a crap photo technical wise, it doesn`t show much of the green blip,and it`s not the sea horizon it ducks below... but here you have it anyway :P I promise to stop littering horrible photos over this thread now...Next sunset I post will be from solid ground...
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    Post your sunset shots

    This would have been the moneyshot but sadly no green blip showed. Have to apologize for the quality of the pic... We did a vessel move just in the hour of sunset so the ship was rocking quite abit even if the seas were calmer then yesterday :/
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    February Assignment Winners: Architectural and Urban Photography

    @Jonathan Auto-correct got me! ;)
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    Post your sunset shots

    Will give it a try if I see it but can`t promise anything! @wev Yeah, liked the cloud on that one, have to try it from land next time to get that clear cut shot :)
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    Post your sunset shots

    Tried a few shots of the sunset here in the North Sea. At work atm and the ship is rocking about quite abit so a little bit of noise had to be tolerated :P
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    March 2014 Monthly Assignment - Abstract "Post entries only, NO COMMENTS please"

    Re: March 2014 Monthly Assignment - Abstract "Post entries only, NO COMMENTS please" Entry #3 Hanging in there...
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    Wondering about this crop/edit

    @DraganDL Yeah, definitely need to learn more in PS and Lightroom, alot of tools :) @BackdoorHippie Hehe, you have a point :) Will have to try to get the evening shots in that case, mornings are way to busy with a 6months old baby :P But the main problem here lately is that most days are cloudy...
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    Wondering about this crop/edit

    Hello ladies and gents! A few days ago we finally got some sun here in the western parts of Norway! So offcourse I grabbed the opportunity(+ camera bag) and went hiking :) I came across a few nice spots and this was one of them. I found the lighting and the editing of this to be most...