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    Camera Market

    I know the manager of the local camera store. I had a chance to talk to him briefly about the camera market. I asked why he did not carry the lesser known brands. He said "when you are looking to purchase camera you need to think of the future. "If you need camera repairs will xz company still...
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    D 5300

    What mode does everyone use for shooting manual or automatic? What do like/dislike about your camera? How much post processing do you do?
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    What type of shooting is everyone doing?

    Wondering what is everyone shooting with your D5300? For those shooting outdoors, do find weight to be an issue i.e hiking? Do find a limitations in what you can shoot? Are you shooting in raw or jpeg most of the time? Is shooting done in manual or auto?
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    Focus points

    In research of cameras many mention focus points. Indicating the importance of more is better. Is not that just over sell?
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    Opinions on the D5500

    A D-5500, is on my short list of cameras. Curious what owners of the D5500 think of their cameras, such image quality, features etc.
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    Refurbished 5500

    What is the opinion on buying refurbished cameras? Is the savings worth it?
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    There are many camera brands to choose from and different formats to choose from. A interchangeable camera lens is my goal for 2016. I debating whether to chose a full DSLR (Nikon) or compact mirrorless. Size of the camera is not the factor in the decision. The major factors are image...
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    Hello Brad, from Fort Smith, Arkansas. Over the years I have owned several film cameras, point and shoots, one DSLR D 40. I'm looking to get back into a DSLR, I'm here to learn about Nikon models especially the D5300. I enjoy shooting nature, landscapes, and whatever else pops into the...