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    Testament to the D4's weather proofing!!!!

    I took this photo of St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay Northumberland. It was minus 1 and there was a very strong north wind. (It was cold!!!) The large wave you can see rolling in, hit the rock in the foreground and broke over me and the camera. The electrical gadgets I had in the pocket of...
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    Hi All. Went to London a couple of weeks ago. Weather was rubbish, broke my Tripod and sprained my ankle.;) But i did manage to get a couple of shots. St Pauls Cathedral from across the Thames looking over the millennium bridge. Canary Wharf. Bankers (No, i did spell that right;)~) on...
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    New Forest England. Dawn mist.

    We've had pretty rubbish weather here the last week or so but I thought there may be a break in the clouds to provide a misty sunrise. Glad i made the effort. More can be seen here.... Flickr: Andreas Jones' Photostream C&C alwaqys welcome.:)