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    Post Your Birds (3)

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    Post your flower pics

    Naples Botanical Garden
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    Post Your Birds (3)

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    Test Post

    This is just a test.
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    Do Images Need to be Square?

    Do images need to be 1024 x 1024 for a jpeg, or is that the maximum size?
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    Black Point Wildlife Drive

    I was thinking about making the 2 hour drive down to cruise the trail, has anyone been there lately? Are there many birds currently there? Thank you!
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    External Hard Drive for Mac

    Hey there! Does anyone have a strong opinion as to which external hard drives they will entrust their digital files too? We have had them crash in the past and right now are using a Western Digital version. I need to purchase another one and am wondering what others are using successfully...
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    Insurance for Gear

    Hey everyone! As an amateur, do any of you insure your gear? A homeowner's rider will not work at this point. Who insures this stuff if you are not a professional? Thank you for your help!
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    Head for Monopod with a Nikon 600MM F/4

    Hey everyone, I am sorry that I have not yet been able to get any recent pictures from my wife up yet. That said, I recently purchased (awaiting delivery) of a Nikon 600MM F/4 VR lens, not the newest one but the one just before Nikon's latest version. My wife has a Nikon D850, and I purchased a...
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    Returning Member

    I fell off the face of the earth a few years ago and have decided to come back on here to learn. I am not the primary photographer in my family, I mainly just assist my wife and keep her in gear. I enjoy the hikes and going places that have beauty and interest, and my wife loves photography, so...
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    Weekly Challenge Feb. 12 - 18: Anything Goes

    Monkeys of Silver River, Ocala, Florida
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    Favorite Len's

    Thank you everyone for all your thoughts! I pulled the trigger on the Tamron 150-600 and the Nikon 24-70, replacing her older 35-70. I actually ordered them when I began this post but had not received them in the mail yet! I think the next lens will be a 35mm, then begin saving for that 800mm...
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    Favorite Len's

    I am going to get a gift for my wife who shoots a D850. I can't afford a big telephoto like a 500 or 600mm, but would love to have some suggestions from photographers here on what would make a nice gift under 2000.00. I am not a photographer. She shoots Landscapes, Birds and other Wildlife...
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    Shooting Stars and the Milky Way

    We gave this a try last night without success. Just ended up with some pinpricks of light. Using a D850 and a Nikon 14-24 2.8 on a tripod. Set at infinity and various ISO setting ranging from 800-3200 and about 36 seconds on the shutter "speed".
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    Processing from RAW to JPEG

    Is it true that Nikon has proprietary software to convert RAW Files to JPEG? Is this a step that must be taken before utilizing Photoshop to ensure true color transfer? In RAW on her MacBookPro the colors look vibrant and rich, however when we send them off in JPEG to print the colors and...
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    D850 Flash complications

    So my wife is doing a shoot at a corporate party tomorrow. In the past she has used a D300 and when that gave out we purchased a D7100. All worked well with a SB900 that would mount on its own tripod. Obviously she would use Commander Mode to communicate with the Flash not mounted on the Camera...
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    Anhinga Circle Bar B Reserve, Florida

    I think this is better resolution.... Thank you for your comment Woody!
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    Lens for Birds in Flight

    What would the best lens be to photograph Birds in Flight to go with a D850. I would like to spend under 2000. Apparently I am learning that the Nikon 80-400 focuses too slowly to on the moving target to get clear clean results with regularity. How fast a shutter speed is required to get it...
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    Post your birds (2)

    Anhinga Circle Bar B Reserve Florida