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    Shout out to Nikon Service LA!

    Got excellent repair service from Nikon LA. Also got excellent help from Nikon telephone rep. She kept me updated via email regularly on what was happening, even if she was still just waiting for an answer from service, she'd let me know what we were waiting for and that she was still on the...
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    Choosing a FX DSLR for Sports

    Oh I realized there may be something else: back-button focus. You'll have that on your D2H and D200, and if it's a feature that you like, the D750 does not have it. I think all the others, the D500, D4, D810, D850, they all have BBF. Also be aware that the D750 tops out at 1/4000. Also the...
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    Effect of D850 on used D4/D4s prices?

    I'm curious what anyone else thinks about how the D850 will affect used D4 and D4s prices. I am not trying to start a camera model bashing thread. With grip and EN-EL18 battery, the D850 will do 9 fps in full FX, 46 MP. Amazing. The D850 will have the D5's top shelf AF. I don't know how...