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    Z9 - Damned impressive by the specs...

    Merry Christmas to me.... :p
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    Post Your Birds (3)

    Turkey Vulture - Dickson, TN 11.30.2021
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    Post Your Birds (3)

    Northern Flicker from back home a couple of weeks ago...
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    Post Your Birds (3)

    Couple of cardinals while on an unexpected trip to Tennessee....we don't see these up in Washington least not around where I live:
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    Post your latest purchases.

    I realized quickly after getting the 600mm AFS F4g VR above that my day to day Manfrotto and cheap gimbal were completely inadequate for the lens. So I picked up this combo: A Wemberley WH-200 II and a Robus RC-5570 Vantage 3 Carbon Fiber tripod - 100% what I was looking for and I feel...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    My new toy.... :D
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    Post Your Z6 Photos

    First show shoot...D750 is going up for sale at this point. No reason to keep it. I have shots using the FTZ and 300pf from this show and they are hands down better at higher ISO than my D750.
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    Post Your Z6 Photos

    Quick post from the weekend so image, bee on a sunflower....full and crop - mild editing in lightroom nothing fancy. Both with kit 24-70 f4....thing is stupidly sharp....
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    D850 - 9 FPS on a Budget

    Picked up the following: Vello BG-N19-2 Battery Grip (new version that seems to have fixed the "fit" issues people saw with the original) $99 2x Wasabi EN-EL18 clones $42 each DSTE BL-5 Battery holder $11 Wasabi dual EN-EL18 Charger $62 Way cheaper than using Nikons stuff - spent a...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Ok - now I'm REALLY done.... ;)
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    Dry Cabinet

    I invested in one a year or so ago and am most pleased with it. Got mine off of Amazon...this is the stock photo of the one I got....pretty much can/will hold all my gear, including the bigger glass....(now big = nikon 200-500)....)
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    Post your latest purchases.

    2017 Coleman Clipper 21RD:
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    Post Your Black and Whites Photos!!

    Not spectacular didn't realize I was shooting on auto-iso, and the light was @#it... :P ISO 51200 on D500 w/Nikon 200-500
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    Post your Urban Decay/Abandoned shots!

    Urban? Dunno....abandoned and decaying...aye.... IL-76's:
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Tamron 150-600 (g1) going up for sale soon, and this is it's replacement:
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    NIkon D850: Best Wildlife Camera EVER?

    I love playing with these charts - D500 .vs D750 (DX) D810 (DX) and D850 (DX) - D750 still tops them all...not that I shoot my 750 in DX mode - only did once when I wanted to test my Sigma 50-100 Art and my D500 hadn't been delivered yet...