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    Post your Rainbow Clouds

    I came across this strange sight this morning. Clear skies, high barometric pressure and long-lasting vapour- or contrails led to this formation of ice crystals forming a short vertical rainbow. Never seen one before.
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    Post your Raptors

    Buteo buteo - Common Buzzard
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    Post your best September shot.

    This is my best photo of September and probably the year as I can't see me getting anything to beat it. The extreme background blur is more intense than I could ever have imagined and lends an air of desolation to the shot. The dark "sky" is actually trees and buildings and the lighter part is a...
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    Post your spiders

    Male Marpissa muscosa sitting on my hand.
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post Your Deer/Moose/Elk Shots

    Roe Deer
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    Shoot RAW!

    I bought my first Nikon (D3100) early 2013 and set it to jpeg fine. I did lots of macro with it and ended up with some spectacular results. At the beginning of June, I decided to upgrade to a D3300 and made the decision to buy a big memory card (64GB) and shoot in RAW. I mostly do wildlife...
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    Post your zoo photos

    Couldn't work out where to post this so it has ended up here, taken in an animal park. These are carp who don't care who's back they have to jump on to eat the food provided for the birds.
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your Mammals

    Wildlife park photo.
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    Post your Squirrel pictures

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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your Birds in Flight

    A couple of stork shots.
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    Post your macro photos here

    Female Marpissa muscosa sitting on my finger today.
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    Weekly Challenge Aug. 17-24: EYES

    Something from a horror movie.....or maybe just a turkey. :D
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    August 2016 Assignement "FLAGS"

    #2 Leintrey, Lorraine, 14th August 2016. Not a breath of wind to flutter the flag, Not a sound to break the silence apart from the buzzing of the insects. Heaven on earth. Leintrey, 10th July 1916. In the midst of WW1, the 162nd French Infantry Regiment, after horrendous losses at Verdun, was...
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    August 2016 Assignement "FLAGS"

    Entry #1 The company I'm working for decided to get a flag made representing the nationalities we mainly work with. This is our Flag of Flags. The French Flag is missing as we are based in France. Can anyone work them all out? Note, there is a catch in this.
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    Post your Insect shots

    Male European Earwig. Pity you can't see this in full 6x4k.
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    Post your 'ALMOST' Photos..

    This should have been the perfect photo but I pulled back on the focal length to make sure I had a chance of getting it right. If you don't know what it is, it's a fast-flying swallow hitting the water as it feeds.
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    post your aviation shots!

    The military often use waterways as guides for training flights and we regularly have helicopters flying overhead. This is a SA330 Puma flying low this morning. Cloudy weather.