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    Where are all the used tripods?

    I have been looking for a decent used tripod and ballhead for a while now. The few people that have one for sale want near current retail MSRP for them and refuse to move on a counter offer. Is there some place that sells quality used tripods and or ballhead mounts for a reasonable price?
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    Which is better D5000 or D700?

    To me, this is a video camera.
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    The F5

    Any F5 owners here?
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    Anyone with practical experience with the 16mm fisheye? I keep considering it for nature work to supplement my 20mm and would appreciate any experiences. DxO software will be used to correct linear distortion.
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    Any interest in a D3?

    I am considering selling my D3. Is there any potential buyer interest here on this board? Since I do not have another digital camera, I can't post it for sale here without an image of it and I will borrow a camera to get a digital image for the ad, if it goes up for definite sale. If anyone is...
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    What is everyone using for filters? B&W, Tiffen, Hoya, or?
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    Travelling with camera gear - advice from the Pros.

    For anyone who ever plans on travelling by airline with your Nikon D3000 and the kit lens on vacation or your D3, D700, and $50,000 worth of glass to a major event, here is some great advice: Pro Camera Bags, Camera Backpacks, Digital Camera Bags: Think Tank Photo
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    Nikon F3 focusing screens

    I am looking to buy a Type 'M' and a Type 'P' screen in excellent or better condition.
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    FS: Sony Alpha DSLR Flash

    For the Sony shooters! I have a Sony HVL-42AM flash unit in excellent working condition. For all the particulars on a like unit, visit here: HVLF42AM Sony HVL-F42AM Shoe Mount Flash for the alpha Digital SLR Cameras, Guide Number 136' Sorry, no box, papers, or accessories.... so it is...
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    Any F3 owners?

    Are there any fellow F3 owners here?
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    Post your wide angle shots

    Memorial Day 2010 National Memorial Veterans' Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona
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    Macro flash

    A number of people are not enthusiastic about the Nikon R1/R1C1 macro flash. Does anyone have a recommendation for a ring flash unit with decent 360 degree light saturation?