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    D810, how to turn off the crop mode button? (Red button)

    I accidentally found the crop mode function on my D810 while shooting an airshow. It's the red button plus either roller. I want to disable this "feature" which caused me to fumble a good number of pictures that I had intended to fill the frame, but they ended up being too big for the crop...
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    A trip inside the D810 to fix it.

    OK, don't expect me to post a lot of photos tonight but I'm setting this topic up for me to add to it over the next couple of days. I bought a damaged D810 for the princely sum of 775 dollars delivered to my door, knowing full well what had happened to it. The previous owner had left the lens...
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    REAL in-camera wifi. When will we get it?

    Nikon's current implementation of wifi in DSLR cameras consists of a means to tether your camera to a smartphone or tablet. When will they decide that the better way to do it is to incorporate TRUE wifi capability right into the camera instead? I can envision this as a simple system where...
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    Nikon 200-500/5.6 VR Lens....... post your photos!

    It might have something to do with the cost, as well. 600mm lenses start at $10,300, 800mm costs 16,300, and the 200-500 retails for 1400. THAT is why the 200-500 sells out of stock in a matter of a day or two every time my local store gets more in.
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    Nikon 200-500/5.6 VR Lens....... post your photos!

    OK, this might be called cheating. This rufous screech owl got trapped in my screened-in pool enclosure and ended up tangled in the vines in a planting in one corner. Being only SLIGHTLY nervous about the possibility of getting a finger stripped to the bone, I carefully picked up the owl...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    All things considered, the camera breaks down into fewer subassemblies than you might have guessed. But the most complex parts are in subassemblies that you can see here. The shutter and mirror system is pretty fearsome in its complexity. I suspect I will have to transfer these systems over...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    My latest purchase is a Nikon D810. Purchase price $775 delivered to my door. This is what I received. But, no worries, I knew it was like that when I bought it. The goal: FIX IT. It still works, except for the obvious lens mount damage. I've received it, analyzed the damage...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Finally got it! I haven't yet made more than a few test shots with it. But I did already get the tripod mount modified for something unique I'm working on. More on that...when I'm ready to show it.
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    Teleconverters, TC-20 EIII and 200-500mm no autofocus? Experiences wanted.

    In the teleconverter compatibility chart that Nikon publishes, they describe the combination of the 200-500mm lens and the 1.7x and 2.0x TC-17 and TC-20 (EII and EIII) as not being autofocus capable. Based on some reading I've been doing, Nikon apparently doesn't guarantee autofocus to work...
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    Quick disconnect strap connectors

    Got a leather/fabric workshop near you? Go visit them. I have my local leather worker (who these days, only does about 10 percent of his business in leather) modify my gear on a routine basis. For a quick disconnect, I recommend taking a page from the Army's MOLLE backpack's emergency...
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    D810/D810A questions

    I'm getting a D810 in a few days. Some repair work needed, truly nothing I can't handle. I'm an experienced D800 user. Some D810/D810A questions come to mind, though. I do have a fair interest in astronomy. I generally understand what the A version offers vs. the D810. Is it possible to...
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    Post your 150-600 Tamron shots.

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    Sigma ART 24-35mm F/2 DG HSM is SHARP and impressive.

    It's not a lens that (currently) fits into my needs or wants, but today I got to spend some time using a Sigma Art series 24-35mm F2 (2, not 2.8) DG HSM lens with my D800. Set to full size and raw, of course, I played around with it inside the store and stepped outside for some photos as...
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    Circular polarizers, UV filters, etc. Recommendations, please.

    I'm looking to add at least a circular polarizer for use with my Tamron 150-600mm lens. 95mm size, and boy are the top brands expensive! I've seen B&Ws going for almost 300 dollars. I don't want to spend THAT much on a polarizer but I do think I'd benefit from having one. So if you can...
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    Post your 150-600 Tamron shots.

    It was a pretty grey day at the beach, but good for practice in less than perfect lighting conditions.
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    Post your 150-600 Tamron shots.

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    Post your 150-600 Tamron shots.

    I love what the tamzooka does when used for portraits at a distance. This was taken at maybe 150 feet. (Guessing) In -10 degree weather in Minnesota.
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    Turn off focus box on D5000?

    Usually I'm pretty good at finding the settings I'm looking for. But in this case, I'm about ready to give up. I have a D5000 that I want to connect to an external monitor via the HDMI port. But I want a clean picture, with no focus box or any other camera-generated display information on...
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    Do you own a D800/D800E?

    Thanks to this adventure, and the others I've had lately with an AF-VR 80-400, I now really have a pretty good understanding of lens construction and how everything works. On this wide angle lens, since it had been dropped and some parts got slightly dented, I had to do some "gunsmithing"...
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    If you have an AF-s 14-24mm F/2.8 G ED lens, please answer this question.

    I'm in the end stages of repairing one of these lenses. I got the right parts to do it, with no small amount of difficulty. I've never really had a chance to work with one that didn't need repair so hence this question: When operating the focus, does the front glass move in and out? Or the...