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    Can't post photos anymore?

    It appears I can't post photos anymore? When I post it just comes up page can't be found???
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    Heading overseas.

    I am heading overseas in the morning, taking my D7000 as usual. Will hopefully shoot some great pics. Will post when I get home.
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    D700 new fireware?

    I have been having trouble installing updated firmware onboth my D700 & D7000? I follow the instructions to the letter, but when I go to mymenu (Firmware Version) it does not give me the option to up date? Anyone knowwhy? Both cameras do the same thing? I down loaded the up dates from Nikon tomy...
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    Post Your Bridges HERE

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    Post Your Bridges HERE

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    Pets/"Petography" Thread!

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    Let's see some reptiles...

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    Post your Insect shots

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    Post your snow shots

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    Post your fog shots

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    Post your flower pics

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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your fences - gates

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    Post Your Automotive Shots!