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    Highest intelligences • Sagacious minds • and Fools

    • "La photographie est une découverte merveilleuse, une science qui occupe les intelligences les plus élevées, un art qui aiguise les esprits les plus sagaces et dont l’application est à la portée du dernier des imbéciles." — Félix Tournachon, dit Nadar (1857) "Photography is a wonderful...
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    Post Your Portrait Photography

    • May I introduce you my older son Bénédict, 19. He is playing hockey (right defence) and digs, above all, having a good time! This picture was taken without flash in an art gallery.
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    Post Your Portrait Photography

    • Hello everyone, By starting this thread, I hope to stimulate "Portrait Photography". The point is not beauty but BEAUTY! It is not important if the baby, the son, the wife or grand-pa is beautiful or not but to see them beautifully! All flowers are different and so are people. It is not...
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    • Saturday August 3,2013. My two sons and I were shooting a magical moment. Three long time friends have been using some sort of voodoo magic to drive the audience in hot and exotic places all around the world. Right, no big show… but fantastic music! For us, the usual light problems and a...
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    About the Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G • All versions vs 85mm ƒ1.8

    • All references are made to FX sensor format! Hi everyone, I said somewhere that I bought the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED earlier this spring, and posted some photos done with it. Even my son Olivier (14yo) could not resist… he gave it a try and posted some photos! Here is...
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    Post your "Product Photography" Big or Small.

    • A studio exercise for my sons.
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    Macro Work with the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D • Reference

    • Hello everyone! Received through PM: Dear Sir, please explain why you include a PC lens among the macro tool. Here is a picture that was done in 2012, using both the D3X and the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D and 2x SB-900. Simply consider the details, resolution, and colour rendition among...
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    What goes on when you are not there! (Canadian Pole-dancing)

    • Ever thought of setting your camera somewhere over a couple of days to see what it will see? Have a good day…
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    To get a good shot of the Moon /and Mars in August 2013

    Hi everyone, Here are some recommendations to increase your Moon/Mars keepers! • The matrix metering is cool when you want to measure a whole scene and get the ••best readout for it, such as landscapes and others. For astronomical event, rarely ••a good option… except in you have a full frame...
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    OK! Find this…

    • After some long hours at the screen, I was very happy to get something else to do from a neighbour who asked: "Please, my mother is ill and I have to go to work. Would you be so king as to keep Sophie (4) for the morning?" Alright! I'm gonna be a baby sitter for a few hours… Coool! It was...
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    LIVE • Comedian Harmonists Revue

    • Hello everyone, Saturday July 27, 2013; 20:30 h., the show begins! Olivier and I were assigned to cover the performance of a musical theatre that was a celebration of the original german vocal group of the 1920-34. The Comedian Harmonists were an internationally famous, all-male German...
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    Common Photo Problems • UNDERSTANDING MEMORY (brain vs camera)

    To the questions: Why is it that my photos… show me thing I did not want to take or don't show me what I wanted to take? Why would I need a ND filter? Hey, I got a question: Why are my skies so pale… they were not like that? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •...
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    Common Photo Problems • Sure Focus Possible?

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the "Almost Photos" thread and I thought: "…but there is a simple way!" I think that most of the "almost" shots would have been cool shots if a single option was chosen in the Menu of your camera. If you are shooting in AF-C, go to > Custom Settings Menu, (the...
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    Olivier Strikes Again

    • During the time I was away, Olivier decided that, since the bear is not home, he might as well take his ease in the studio. Ok with me. He went in the wood shack again and captured this… specimen and installed it on a pice of wood he set up in the studio, and waited… and waited… until …...
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    Most Powerful MACRO Lens in the World?

    Hi everyone, My sons were just curious about this lens that I do use but extremely seldom. They had not yet seen anything so strange so I thought I would demonstrate them the potential of what may be the Most Powerful MACRO Lens in the World! These photograph were taken at a minimum distance...
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    Motorcycle Study

    Hello everyone! After we finished a shoot, the studio still set up, my younger son, Olivier (14), asks if I could give him some time to be his assistant in an idea he has! Ok, alright… you're the boss! What do you want to do? … He rushed back in the studio, some 10 minutes later, with a toy...
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    Motorcycle Sign

    I thought it's too bad they don't make signs like these anymone! C & C Welcomed as always!
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    Motorcycle • Magazine Centrefold Advertising Shoot

    Hello everyone! I know that this machine is not everyone's cup of tea, but, nevertheless, I though of posting it. I was asked to shoot, for a next town dealer, a magazine-centrefold size advertising for the actual summer season… and of course, it should be ready YESTERDAY! The A.D. said...
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    Night Time o the Race Track • Slot Cars

    Hello everyone, Yesterday, Olivier and I were at the same friend to shoot more of his race track. Always with the night time rendition in mind (friend's request). Here is a picture taken yesterday: Should you wish to see more (26 photos) I put them all in a web gallery on my...
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    Holding your Shooting Gear • Some Tips

    Hello everyone, The post with Olivier's macro-handheld tests (spiders in the wood shack) got me quite a few em@ils making sure that these were really HANDHELD! How can he do that? He is young, calm and...