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  1. dachshund

    Photography Magazines

    Magazines are still good bathroom reading material, much more convenient than a PC/laptop
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    I recently purchased a very nice F100. I learned that it has the capability of interfacing with a computer utilizing a program referred to as Photo Secretary. It looks as if this program can store EXIF info as well as custom setting data among other things. It appears that this program is no...
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    Firmware update

    New firmware for Z50, ver 2.50
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    A lot of good info there, let’s hope it finds a new home
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    No monochrome

    Sounds very logical, why else would a feature that is present on previous models, even my old D40, not be present on current models, an obvious and intentional omission.
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    No monochrome

    That’s true but sometimes while perusing my shots, it would be nice to see what one looks like in b/w, that’s fine if shot in raw but if shot in jpeg you’re SOL. I asked Nikon for info on this, and got no reply.
  7. dachshund

    No monochrome

    That would be logical, but nonetheless there is no monochrome feature in the re-touch Menu. That feature is not listed in the reference manual so I would assume that’s the way Nikon designed it, why it would not be available makes no sense. I would have thought that nearly identical cameras...
  8. dachshund

    No monochrome

    One feature I miss on the Z50 that is present on my D5600 and was even present on my old D3300 is the “monochrome” feature in the Retouch menu, It’s only available if you shoot raw. I believe this feature is available on the ZFC for Jpeg or raw so a firmware update would probably rectify this...
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    I’d try the sunlight method but I live in west Michigan and sunlight is a scarce commodity this time of year. Thanx for the suggestion, but I guess I’ll wait for the refund.
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    Thanks, I sent it back, It wasn’t cheap, I spent $197.99 for it. I wanted a good one and this one was the most expensive one from Blue Penn (Amazon). I’ve bought several items from them and have been very satisfied.
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    Thanks for the info, I guess I was wondering if this will be a progressive issue.
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    I just bought a used Nikon 28-105 3.5-4.5 D AF lens from Blue Penn via Amazon. The lens is in very good shape as is usual from Blue Penn. There is however, a very slight amount of fungus. At what point should you be concerned about it ?
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    Introducing the Nikon Z30

    It might be a good tool for stimulating further interest, after all you have to start somewhere. A Z9 is probably not a good learners camera.
  14. dachshund

    Cleaner monitor

    Julia Adair King says in her D5600 guidebook not to use a screen protector as it may inhibit the use of the touch-screen functions. I don’t use touch-screens so I can’t speak to that issue, just something to keep in mind...
  15. dachshund

    Cleaner monitor

    At some point did Nikon change the material that is used for the monitor screen? On any of my previous Nikon digitals, the monitor screen is constantly in need of cleaning, e.g. D40, D3300, D5600. When I bought a Z50 I didn’t think it would be any different. To my surprise and satisfaction, the...
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    New firmware

    Z9 Firmware update issued 10/26; still waiting for updates on my N80s
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    Firmware updates

    When new firmware updates are issued, the reasons for the updates are stated in the update data. Are there also unstated reasons for the upgrade i.e. fixes also included?
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    New firmware updates

    New updates issued for Z6, Z7, Z50.
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    Non twisting strap

    Has anyone ever found a strap that doesn’t suffer from the “twisties”. Every kind of strap I’ve used seems to suffer from the same malady, constantly getting twisted up. Does such a thing exist or is it like the holy grail?
  20. dachshund

    Focus distance indicator

    On my Z50 when using manual focus with the 16-50 Z lens, the Focus distance indicator feature is activated. When using manual focus with my 18-140 DX with the FTZ and the lens switched to M, manual focus works fine, including focus peaking, but the Focus distance indicator feature is not...