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    Post your flower pics

    And here we are 7 months later:
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    August 2020 monthly assignment: Humans

    entry #1 on my (almost new) roof couple days ago, 8/15/2020 Nikon J5 w/10-100 non-PD f / 5.6 85.9mm 1/1250
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    Post your flower pics

    And here we are at day 16 (I need a bigger pot):
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    Post your flower pics

    Cactus flower died, then it grew some new arms. Fast growth. Day 0, 4, and 9:
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    Post your flower pics

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    I dont need it,its only a want

    @Kamurah Have you missed the latest economic news ? Toys of all types will be on sale. Soon.
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    Post Your Bridges HERE

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    Post your Squirrel pictures

    Hard to beat D200+Nikon 70-210D f/4-5.6, my very cheap car camera
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    Mount your cloud drives as local drives

    I like cheap ! This product I really like. Very delighted to be using Air Live Drive. Lets you mount your cloud drives (onedrive,google drive, amazon, dropbox) as individual local drives. Multiple services mounted at once and coexist nicely. All apps work just exactly as if these services...
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    Question for folks who know birds, well bird houses...

    I've seen these type of things attached to trees several times on walks in the woods, all over the country. This one is near a new hike/bike path in my neighborhood. Most have a simple rain/sun shade that is missing here. This week's wood grain photos collection (since it features an...
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    Post your flower pics

    My biggest lens and smallest camera. I've not mastered good control of focus yet, but 50% are in focus so far. (Nikon 1 w/adapted new model 70-300 FF
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    Post your statue

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    Post your Tree Photos !

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    Let's play spot the errors in this article... hint: 50mm 1.8D
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    13% of photographers, don't be one